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Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything

New York Times Bestseller | A habit expert from Stanford University shares his breakthrough method for building habits quickly and easily. With Tiny Habits you’ll increase productivity by tapping into positive emotions to create a happier and healthier life. Dr. Fogg’s new and extremely practical method picks up where Atomic Habits left off. 

“There are many great books on the topic [of habits]: The Power of HabitAtomic Habits, but this offers the most comprehensive, practical, simple, and compassionate method I’ve ever come across.” —John Stepper, Goodreads user

BJ FOGG is here to change your life—and revolutionize how we think about human behavior. Based on twenty years of research and Fogg’s experience coaching more than 40,000 people, Tiny Habits cracks the code of habit formation. With breakthrough discoveries in every chapter, you’ll learn the simplest proven ways to transform your life. Fogg shows you how to feel good about your successes instead of bad about your failures.

This proven, step-by-step guide will help you design habits and make them stick through positive emotion and celebrating small successes. Whether you want to lose weight, de-stress, sleep better, or be more productive each day, Tiny Habits makes it easy to achieve—by starting small.

From the Publisher

tint habits bj fogg

tiny habits bj fogg

Busting habit myths

When it comes to chatter about behavior change, a lot of what you hear will mislead you. Motivation and willpower get a lot of airtime. The problem is that motivation and willpower are fickle – some days you have them and other days they desert you completely. When a behavior is tiny, it’s easy to do. Case in point: If I said “go to the gym” vs. “do one pushup,” which are you more likely to have the motivation and ability to do? Tiny allows you to start right now.

When it comes to change, Tiny is Mighty

Creating positive change isn’t as hard as you think

We all want to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, sleep better. But the alarming levels of obesity, sleeplessness, and stress in the headlines highlight the huge gap between what we want and what we actually do. I am here to say: it isn’t your fault. You are not the problem. Our approach to change is. Tiny Habits offers an entirely new framework for change. It’s a system based on years of research and one that I’ve road-tested with more than 40,000 people. With Tiny Habits, you’ll learn:

  • A simple method to make your goals tiny and achievable
  • Why emotions – not repetition – wire in habits
  • How to untangle yourself from bad habits
  • And much more!

tiny habits BJ fogg

tiny habits BJ fogg

tiny habits BJ fogg

Editorial Reviews Review

An Amazon Best Book of January 2020: Given the surge in popularity in books on making and breaking habits, it’s a wonder there’s room for another one. But make space for BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits, a practical guide to introducing intentionally small changes into your routine that can lead to big results. The director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford, Fogg has spent years trying to figure out what makes habits stick. After much trial and error, he’s focused upon a potent trinity of motivation, ability, and consistent prompts. More important, he shows the reader how to hone in on what small actions are more likely to be accomplished and therefore can snowball into something bigger, whether that action is flossing teeth or eventually running a marathon. I admit I found the book design off-putting at first, but the content is so good I quickly forgot my aesthetic quibbles. An excellent, lively resource for those seeking life changes. —Adrian Liang, Amazon Book Review


A New York Times Bestseller As seen on the Today Show! As seen in CNBC, Time, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Refinery29, Shape, Fatherly, Wired, Woman’s World, Popular Science, Success, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, TED Ideas, Lifehacker, and much, much more! A USA Today 2020 Pick A Business Insider Top Book for January “Fogg’s method has great potential to promote altered behavior in those who have sought help in other ventures with little success.”—Library Journal, STARRED. “Myth-breaking and persuasive research…balancing useful practices (including many charts, tables, and graphs) with his own story of personal transformation, Fogg’s convincing method will help any reader reconfigure their habits.”—Publishers Weekly “Deeply researched and highly practical, this book will be a valuable resource to anyone interested in changing their behavior (that is, all of us).” –Gretchen Rubin New York Times best selling author of The Happiness Project “BJ Fogg’s ideas on self-change are uniquely relevant, approachable, and powerful. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” –Ramit Sethi, New York Times best selling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich “BJ Fogg’s work is transformative….We use Tiny Habits at Amen Clinics with our patients, online students, and readers. It is simple, easy-to-implement, and it works.” –Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times best selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life “[Tiny Habits] demystifies the little behaviors that add up to what is, in essence, our identity. Understanding these micro behaviors [is] critical if you want achieve big outcomes like losing weight or building a company.” –Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and Co-inventor of the iPhone

About the Author

BJ FOGG, PhD, is the founder and director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford. In addition to his research, Fogg teaches Boot Camps in Behavior Design for industry innovators and also leads the Tiny Habits Academy helping people around the world.  One of Fortune’s “10 New Gurus You Should Know,” he lives in Northern California and Maui.


BJ Fogg, PhD, founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. In addition to his research, Fogg teaches industry innovators how human behavior really works. He created the Tiny Habits Academy to help people around the world. He lives in Northern California and Maui.

Find out more at and visit to learn about his upcoming book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything.


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