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Rob Howard here!

I am super excited to share with you one of the simplest Kindle system’s I’ve ever come across. One that not only makes money, but doesn’t require loads of time, planning or writing.

As you can see from the headline, she writes Kindle Shorts. Short stories or self-help books that are only about 15 to 30 pages in length (3000 to 5000 words).

 Books You Can Complete in an Afternoon

I want you to pay attention, because this story could completely change your life. This is a story of a girl who always wanted to write, but life got in the way. A story that many of you might share.

But she’s discovered a way to make it work – and to make money – by squeezing in the writing when she can. About 1000 words a day, combined with two marketing hacks and she’s making 500 to 1000 dollars a month with just her simple, short kindle books.

This is Sarah’s Story

Sarah is a mom and a part-time waitress at a restaurant, so she’s super busy. But she’s always loved writing and loved the idea of self-publishing her way out of her current job.

Her job isn’t fun. It’s rough, back-breaking manual labor, working at a restaurant. She deals with a lot of mean customers and idiot co-workers. And unfortunately, it’s the only income she has. It helps pay the bills that her partner’s meager full-time income can barely cover. When she’s not working, she’s at home taking care of the kids after school.

In short, she doesn’t have the time to plan out and write massive, epic novels. She wants to do that – but between her job and kids, she is exhausted mentally.

On top of that, she has very little money to spend on marketing her books. Obviously, between the two jobs (mother and waitressing) and the writing, she barely has any time left for marketing “the free” way.

Sarah Was Frustrated by How Complicated Self-Publishing Could Be

She doesn’t have the time or money to master Facebook advertising, making YouTube videos, or doing SEO. She was strapped for cash and time, so any pay-per-click advertising scheme just wasn’t going to work for her. (Because it takes both to successfully learn and utilize these systems)

Most systems are complicated. Big books, big launches. Facebook ads, book promotion sites, big money email-lists promotions like BookBub and coordination…she’s a full-time mom, part-time waitress…no. Too complicated, too time consuming.

But Sarah is crafty. She pays attention to the people who have been self-publishing books for a long time, whether on Kindle or on their own website and she takes what works for her and discards the rest.

She discovered three things:

  • She can write short books and use Kindle Shorts
  • She discovered a place to pay 5 to 15 bucks for promotions
  • She discovered a free resource that enables her to post messages to her readers, getting them to buy again and again, simply by clicking a button.

Combining these three together, she’s built an empire of over 150 short books, all bringing in cash. She’s wrote a lot and managed a lot, over time. 

Sarah Writes Both Fiction and Non-Fiction Shorts

Her system is simple.

Fiction and non-fiction shorts both work for her. While she generally writes fiction now, she still occasionally will post a non-fiction book to Kindle. They sell too.

And she likes writing the variety of genres/niches. It keeps things interesting.

She Only Spends an Hour a Day Working Her System – And the Book is Ready to Sell in Two Days – She Feels Good About Her Productivity

Sarah only spends an hour or two working the system she’s devised, because that’s all the time she has. She isn’t spending 40 hours a week, stressing out. 

 She simply repeats this process:

1. Write daily, 1000 words.

2. Pay 5 dollars for a promotion.

3. Post messages to her readers daily. 

That’s an hour or so of effort, 5 to 6 days a week. And it nets her almost a grand a month. 

Do the math on her hourly earnings.

Once she goes full time, her income will skyrocket. And she will soon, because she’s earned it.

Would you like to duplicate this success?

Inside the Simple Kindle System, I’m Going to Reveal Her Strategy and Resources

Sarah’s system is pure genius. Her philosophy is volume and she’s smart about how she promotes her books and increases her readers value.

It doesn’t require a lot of time, money or effort.

Do you have 5 bucks and an hour a day? If so, you can do this too and I’ll show you exactly how inside.

Imagine Having an Extra 500 to 1000 Bucks a Month

First off, let me start by saying, no, most people reading this won’t ever get to that level. They’ll give up or never start. Doers will get it done until they achieve their dreams.

You’re a doer.  You’re going to act, grab this, and put together your short book empire.

I mean, imagine what it would be like to have that extra cash in the bank every month. What kind of pressure would that take off your financial stress?

Imagine Having Hundreds of Short Books, That Only Took You A Few Hours to Write Each…That You Only Spent A Few Bucks Promoting…

No BookBub.

No Facebook Ads.

No complicated marketing schemes.

You write your book, upload to Kindle. You pay your 5 bucks then you post a message to your readers.

That’s. It.

 A whole empire of short books working for YOU.

Inside Simple Kindle System You’ll Discover:

  • Why You Can Do This With a Hour a Day!
  • The EXACT Resource Sarah Uses to Promote Her Books
  • How to Write Short Books Quickly
  • How Adding in This ONE FREE RESOURCE Took Her from Inconsistent, Spotty Sales to Daily, Dependable Royalties
  • Why You Only Need 5 Bucks to Promote Your Book
  • Why You Don’t Need ANY Book Promotion Sites, Expensive Advertising or Hours Upon Hours Planning and Writing Your Book
  • The Exact Fiction Formula to Follow
  • This Works for Fiction and Non-Fiction Alike
  • And More!


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