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What You Get In “Open Rate SOLVED 2.0”

  • I reveal the NEWEST Methods I use daily to guarantee an INCREASE in your INBOXING through Gmail, Outlook (And others)
  • You’ll see exactly what I do to NEVER get BANNED from autoresponder companies and how to react if one day it happens
  • 100% EVERGREEN Method
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • And Much More
Let’s Break-Down Everything We Cover…
To Make It Super Easy, We Split The Training In 2 Parts…



  • Email marketers, affiliate marketer And MLMers most common mistakes that lead them into the SPAM box & get BANNED
  • Traffic sellers most common mistakes that lead them into the SPAM box & get BANNED
  • How to over-Come each of these issues, 1 by 1, for: Traffic sellers, affiliate marketers, MLMers



If You’ve Not Had Success Online Yet Or If You Want To Increase Your Email Results, We Got You Covered…


  • Basic tools required for this method to work + links to try for free
  • Phase #1 Creating your “MAIN E-Mail List”
  • Phase #2 Loading Our 30 INCLUDED “Engagement” Email Swipes At The Push Of A Button To Get Your Subscribers To “Whitelist” You Right From The “Get Go”
  • Phase #3 How To FILTER Your “OPENERS” From Your “NO OPENERS” & DELETE Your “UNRESPONSIVE” Subscribers, On Complete AUTOPILOT. This Right Here, Is What Will Separate You From Regular Email Marketers And INCREASE your DELIVERABILITY, 100% GUARANTEED…
  • Phase #4 It’s a SECRET ????
  • Phase #5 Loading 20 More INCLUDED Swipes On… It’s a SECRET ????
  • Phase #6 It’s a SECRET ????
  • Phase #7 Creating Your Opt-In Form
  • Phase #8 Creating A Lead Capturing Page That Converts On Any Offer
  • Phase #9 Tracking Traffic, Opt-Ins And Sales + 2 No-Fail Traffic Sources
  • Phase #10 Getting A Superior “Response Rate” By Getting Your Audience To Engage With You
  • Phase #11 MONEY-MAKER: Rake-In More Profits With This Specific Method
  • Phase #12 MONEY-MAKER: How To 2X,5X,10X Your Profits, WITH THE SAME SUBSCRIBERS!!!
  • Phase #13 MONEY-MAKER: Build “BUYERS” LISTS, without creating products at all
  • Phase #14 How to keep your lists “Lean & Mean” to have the most ACCURATE STATISTICS in your autoresponder
  • Phase #15 Recap, growth & scaling-up.

Is The Content Different From The 1.0 To 2.0 Edition?

Of course it is 100% different…

This 2.0 training are new methods that TOTALLY DIFFER the first edition, although it brings even better and faster results.

As an email marketer by trade, it’s kinda easy for me to always stay afloat on the best & most recent methods that gets me higher & higher OPEN & CLICK-THROUGH rates!

But times change and methods evolve as time goes by…

And this is why I can now share my most recent techniques, that allow you to get “higher than average” results, just like I do!

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course there is…

Because we know our methods ROCK, we are offering a 30 Days refund guarantee…

But there’s a tiny condition…

If you show us that you have implemented the suggested methods in “Open Rate SOLVED 2.0” and that you did not get an increase in your INBOXING after sending fresh traffic to your list, we will refund you every penny.

If you’re not a “freebie” seeker and you truly want to implement my methods, this will not be a problem for you.


1. Are Your methods for anyone?

Yes, our methods are as good for beginners, intermediate and pros who are not IN-BOXING as much as they would want. – Our methods can be applied to any business that is collecting leads, no matter the niche.

2. Michel, how do you know it will work for me?

Because my method is EVERGREEN and we are not cutting corners.

The method we reveal in this training is entirely 100% safe and 100% easy to implement.

3. Do you offer a refund guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you prove to us that you have implemented at least one of the methods without success.

4. Why is your refund guarantee set-up this way?

Payment processors don’t like refunds.

So to protect my account with Warrior+Plus and PayPal from “chronic refunders” and credit card frauds, I decided to be strict on my refund policy.

5. Are there “One Time Offers”?

There are 2 “One Time Offers”.

But you don’t need them to start inboxing like a champ.

6. How long will it take for me to see results?

As soon as you implement my method.

It will work through your EXISTING list and also when you send fresh traffic to your list, you will see results INSTANTLY… if your e-mail follow-ups are good.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any control on what you send your audience.

7. Do you offer support?

Of course I do…

In the training, I give my Facebook contact infos and you can get in our PRIVATE mastermind group to ask questions you think would help others.

I like 1 on 1 contact. It’s easier to explain stuff…

If you have questions, I’ll be more than happy to help you.


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