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Introducing Offers Into Cash

There are really a lot of little details to consider in creating, selling and delivering your own 3-hour offers. For one thing, you do NOT want to create offers proven NOT to sell! That’s just dumb. Another is that you need to know how to price them for the fastest profits possible. And how do you get GOOD IDEAS fast? What about promoting your offers? How do you get them to sell? What above delivery so you have almost no customer support? Or, profiting on the back end?

When I got started creating and promoting offers, I didn’t have many resources to go by. I just dug in and did it the hard way — trial and error. Fortunately, I made some pretty good sales.

After trial & error learning, I’m now able to help my family, friends, customers, patrons or colleagues that see the opportunity to cash in year after year with their own offers, customized for their niche, hobby, target  audience or occupation. And now, I’m about to tell the world the *Secret Methods* that I used to break through all the 10 obstacles and create, sell and deliver my own Offers of all types profitably.

Year after year you could profit by creating and selling offers to almost any niche or audience. There’s nothing more exciting than coming up with an idea, knocking that bad boy out, and seeing dollars pour in.

In this step-by-step guide, you’re going to create your very first offer WITHIN 30 MINUTES of getting my guide.  Then you’ll just follow my simple steps to turn your offer into a quick-and-dirty product you can launch, exactly the way I did. It took me 3 hours to create my offer and delivery vehicle.  I’ll show you how I did it, and you can also create your “offer delivery vehicle” pretty darned fast.  The first few times in all liklihood will take longer than 3 hours.  But in no time at  all, by following my instructions you can bang out profitable offers so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Fill In The Blanks Offer Maker

You get a short “Offer Maker” PDF you print out  with questions and blank lines on it. Those blank lines are where YOU will assemble your very own EPIC offer within 30 minutes.

EPIC Offer Cheat Sheet

You also receive my EPIC Offer Super Shortcuts Cheat Sheet. On one nifty Cheat Sheet you get stsep-by-step instructions in paing-by-number fasion on how to assemble your EPIC OFFER out with questions and blank lines on it. Those blank lines are where YOU will assemble your very own EPIC offer within 30 minutes.

Epic Offer Promotion Guide

You get the EPIC Offer Promotion Guide. Once you create your IPIC offer, you need to promote that bad boy so affiliates know about it and can get their greedy little hands on it and send big, fat chunks of money your way.

I love creating and promoting EPIC Offers, and I know you will too. At this point I you have a few questions, so let me answer them:

Is it simple to create and promote EPIC Offers

You get the fill-in-the-blanks EPIC Offer Maker, the Super Shortcuts Cheat Sheet and the Promotion Guide. You’ll actually create your first EPIC OFFER within 30 minutes! Then, you’ll jump right to town banging out the “delivery vehicle” and the promotion for it. It’ll be very exciting for you.

That’s everything I can do to make it simple and fun for you to do.

Can I do it?

If this  is a concern, you might want to grab the videos option. That’s why I created them. To make sure you could do every step.

Will It Work For Me?

Honestly, I don’t see any reason my system won’t work for you if you work my system.

Just listen to what Mosh says:


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