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A Huge Collection Of Time Saving Stunning, Editable ‘done For You’ Magazine Style Content In Super Profitable  Trending Niches…

The Biggest Niches Digital Marketing, Careers and Coaching!

You’ll Have Access to 25 High Quality Assets (Magazines and eBooks) in three of the biggest niches Digital Marketing, Careers and Coaching

So What’s Your Choice?

Write Your Own

You could write your own lead magnet, but you don’t have time to think, let alone write!

Want to Write

You WANT to write it yourself, but you lack the expertise

Want to Hire

You want to hire someone to write it for you, but you just don’t have the money

If you’re like the countless number of marketers out there selling their own products or selling affiliate products, you know that having a red-hot list of prospects ready to buy your product is CRUCIAL to the success of your launch..​

But here’s a reality check

if you don’t have the time, money or expertise to create engaging high-quality content that people WANT and NEED, you’re going to find it impossible to build your list and ultimately sell your products…

Download these Professionally Designed Done For You Magazine Style Assets And See Your List Grow!

What Can You Do with These Professionally Designed Done for You Assets

Convert to .pdf and start giving away. (or audio, video)

Edit the content in any way you choose.

Modify the designs, including the colors and layouts.

Use the designs to create other eBooks with your own content.

You’ve Got Everything You Need To Make More Sales And Ultimately Make More Money

Gone are the days when you could put up a boring ebook and expect it to drive sales…

The truth is that people are demanding more from you online than no other time in history-and if you understand this, you’ll dominate your competitors with content which not only informs, but WOWS as well!

Like I said before, no one else in the Internet Marketing space is doing this right now, so you’re getting the very latest, most innovative way to publish content online!

Want to see what’s inside?

These announcement templates can be used to make big announcements on social media before your go live, this is the best way to get noticed.

Choose from our library of templates, enter the text you wish and you’re done.

You get the complete “Magazine style Asset” for the low price of $9.99 Retail $97. Think of it: If you use just one asset from this package you can easily recoup your investment and start putting a profit in your pocket. Click the “buy button below to get started…

The Biggest Niches Digital Marketing, Careers and Coaching!

You’ll Have Access to 25 High Quality Assets (Magazines and eBooks) in three of the biggest niches Digital Marketing, Careers and Coaching


4 Done For You Trending Emagazines

Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram stories is relatively new and seeing a healthy steady growth. In this ebook you’ll learn why you need to promote your services and put your product in front of millions

Facebook Stories for Business​

Facebook Stories is another opportunity offered by Facebook to showcase your products and services. In this guide you’ll learn how to get Facebook stories working for your business.

Strategy to Make Money

1.     Learn Whats Contained in the Trending Topics and Apply It to Your business and generate a ton of Traffic

2.     Give Away or Sell the Six Trending Topics (The Foot in the Door Strategy)

3.     Upsell by Offering to convert their best blogs into a series of eBooks and charge anything from $197 – $497 (See Module 3)

Seriously, think of all of the bloggers out there, there millions of them, you can approach them and send a quick message and say “let me turn all your best blogs into ebooks” they will love you for it!

…  What would it be worth to a blog owner if you can turn their best blogs into a series of ebooks that they can sell each month?

What would it be worth to you to get templates that you can turn into $197 or $297? Because that’s how much you can charge to convert blogs into ebooks.

If you look around, you’ll find that other designers are charging $397-$497 to get this type of job done.  Today you have the same opportunity as those guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Can I Do With The Reports?

You Can Sell Them Or Give Them Away (Except For The Raw Doc Formats… Editable Content Plr Is Exclusive To You) – So Use Them As Incentives To Build Your List, To Use A Bonuses To Boost Your Own Product Sales Or To Increase Your Sales & Commissions On Affiliate Promotions.​

Q. Can I Give The Reports Away Free?

Yes We Encourage You To Brand Yourself And More Get Traffic And Clicks To Your Offers By Distributing Your Reports Any Way You Want To (All We Ask Is You Do Not Redistribute The Raw / Source Documents.)​

Q. Can I Say I Wrote These Myself?

Yes! Through Your Membership You Get Full Private Label Editorial Rights So You Can Add Yourself As The Author, Edit, Add To, Rename – Whatever You Need.

Q. What’s The Biggest Benefit To Me?

Maggazine Benefits In A Few Ways… It’s The Time Saving (To Research And Write All This Content Each Month Would Take A Long Time),

But The Best Reason Of All Is That It , You Can Sell All These Assets And You Keep 100% Of The Profits​

Q. Are These Reports Original Content?

Yes, All Packages Are Created By Our Own In-house Team, And They Aren’t Available Anywhere Else Online. ​

Q. Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, You Get A Full 30 Dy Guarantee. No Question Asked , No Risk , Money Back Guarantee​

Q. Are There Any Ongoing Fees?

There Are No Ongoing Fees This Is A One Time Charge.


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