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Revealed: Seasoned Local Business Consultants Share Simple Systems that will Save a Ton of Time Using 

Battle-Tested Blueprints!
Finally! You’ll Be Able to Have Well Documented Systems in Place to Provide Your Services With These “Secret” Blueprints You Can’t Live Without!
Learn how Sue and Jeanne, two grandmothers, have developed SYSTEMS to achieve success in serving and managing dozens of local clients – in just a few hours a day!
Anyone Who Has Tried to Create Documented Systems to Provide Services Has Run into One Problem After Another…
It’s no secret. Trying to create documented systems to fulfill and provide services for your clients is extremely difficult.

Have you…

Searched endlessly through Google and YouTube for answers and wasted a lot of time and aggravation?

Made some notes on things you’ve discovered, but aren’t nearly as organized as you’d like to be which only resulted in going back to Google and searching for the same answers over and over again.

…and oh yeah, you probably have even…

Bought hundreds of videos or courses stored “who knows where” on your hard drive which led to purchasing more of the same videos and courses. UGH!

Are you…

TIRED of working too many hours and wondering how you’ll ever scale your business?

TIRED of looking for all that information you bought?

Sorting through hundreds of videos or courses stored “who knows where” on your hard drive?

1000’s of Bits of Random Information Will NEVER bring You success!
Tired of half-complete courses?

Missing Pieces?

Fluff and Filler?

It took Sue and Jeanne years to perfect these systems and they’ve NEVER been shared before!

It’s the Library of Congress version of everything you’ll ever need to become an efficient marketer.

These same systems are what allow both Sue and Jeanne to travel with their husbands for months at a time in their RVs – and STILL get it all done in a few hours a day!

Without these systems, they’d be working WAY too many hours!

Their systems and information will allow you to DO it ONCE, and Do It Right!

It’s really no wonder that most people who try to create documented systems to provide services give up.

But the truth is…

Finally Being Able to Save a Ton of Time Using 

Battle-Tested Systems and Blueprints is Much Closer 
Than You Think…

Jeanne Kolenda & Sue White here and yes, we’ve been down the same road.

These days, things have gotten much better…

We’re finally able to to feel 100% confident that we can provide any service to any of our clients, we can also feel 100% confident that we can properly scale our business to generate more income without feeling overwhelmed, and we’re very lucky in that we can feel 100% confident that we have all the necessary blueprints in hand to streamline our processes.

But we’ve never forgotten the frustration before seeing any improvement.

Having Tried it All, We Were Beaten Down and Ready to Throw in the Towel
Roadblocks were our constant reality.

What often stopped us dead in our tracks was we couldn’t stay on top of the latest “best practices” with everything from setting up a new Google My Business profile to optimizing a YouTube channel. In short, we couldn’t scale our businesses properly and had to turn away new business because we just didn’t have the time since we didn’t have all of these systems in place, and we were afraid we would not be able to do all the work our clients need and deserve. And even when we KNEW what to do, sometimes we missed certain steps just because we were overwhelmed.

Of course, we’re sure you know exactly what we mean.

So you couldn’t blame us for wanting to give up.

They say the definition of insanity is expecting the same action to produce different results. Well… being fairly sane women, we did something about it!

Something Happened that Changed Everything…
After growing tired of the “Cycle of Doom”, we dug deep and spent the next year building SYSTEMS!  And documenting those SYSTEMS!  (You know the Cycle of Doom?  Getting a client, spending so much time on fulfillment you don’t have time to prospect and add new clients.)

We could hardly believe the success that followed. After making so many mistakes, we couldn’t believe we had stumbled on the answer. It took time, but NOW, things run smoothly with just a few hours of work a day.

However, knowing we weren’t the only ones who suffer with this problem, we had to share our formula of success.

After all, we aren’t anyone special. We aren’t more deserving of this success. We simply had the good sense, perseverance and patience to solve the problem.

Which is why we’re so glad you’ve stumbled your own way to this letter. We can’t wait to introduce you to…

“Yes, I’m Ready to Dive In! How Much Will This Cost Me?”
Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive when you secure your copy right now:

Local Ranking Systems

  •  Every single system documented in complete detail – $1000.00
  •  Video Traing AND Checklists that can easily be shared with a Virtual Assistant – $1000.00
  •  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears poured into it – $1000.00
  •  The same blueprints that brought both Jeanne and Sue years of success and longevity with clients – $1000.00
  •  Like having an Expert Coach take you by the hand and guide you with step-by-step and totally up-to-date proven systems – $5000.00
Systems and Blueprints Covered Inside:
Get Prepared
  •  Keyword Research – a BRAND New Approach!
  •  Preparing Images
  •  Competition Research
Initial Ranking
  •  GMB Prep
  •  Bing and Yelp
  •  Citations
  •  Image Citations
  • ​Effectively Outsourcing the Process
  • ​Using GMB Categories Effectively
  •  Website Elements
  •  Page Speed
  •  Website Content
  •  Best Plugins
  • ​ Creating Category Pages

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