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Become a recognized professional writer/author in less than 10 days and see how many payments start hitting your account! There is no question that countless thousands of inexperienced authors are making it BIG selling eBooks on amazon and third party websites. But the real question is this… Is it effective and worth my time getting into this niche? The answer to that is YES, and why aren’t you already on this train! The moment you get this complete course, I am going to take you by the hand and walk with you through each little step from the first word you write down to the last step you take in promoting your new book that you already have on the market! Writing a book can be long and tedious… But only if you don't know what you're doing! *Did you know you can write as little as 1500 words, and make a sell on amazon? Welcome To The Power of Short Stories! The growth of short stories on Amazon Kindle is enormous! Truth is, People would rather read something short than to commit to something long like a full length novel. The numbers don’t lie. Not only that but when writing short stories you're able to put a small price on each product, and believe me readers love that! That is why all successful authors run their books in series rather than just a single unit. As consumers, no matter where in the world we live, we are trained from birth to want series. Just think about the television shows you watch- We all gravitate toward watching series no matter if it is a full series, a mini-series, or a simple 3-part series... Getting the idea? Since we are working with book sells that are at a max of $7.99 on amazon, your getting 70% royalties. MAXIMUM profit! Self publishing means there’s no hassle of getting a book approved,book deal,etc. Its all you! YOU ARE THE AUTHOR. YOU ARE THE PUBLISHER. In this course you’ll have a Hands-on tutorial on writing a successful, riveting, compelling short story! You will follow me (almost over-the-shoulder-training) writing and publishing my own story that I created using the exact information that I teach you in this course, and you'll follow it all the way through to see it's first profits start rolling in! FAST PROCESS - FAST RESULTS With this training you can really understand why and how people are making so much money without writing that much, or even spending that much time on each book. Inside, you'll find a few guru tactics I have picked up along the way with several important grade A example’s of what TO do and what NOT to do. The thing about amazon that the “big dogs” do not want you to know is, sure they are making it big on amazon but they also have a large amount (more than 10) of books out on the market. (much easier to achieve than you think!) That being said - because of those multiple books bringing in downloads/profits from each of them every day, many enjoy a massive daily income because of the combined effect of those short stories (books). Lets take a step back from this for a moment. What if you were given amazing techniques that allow you to get publish a new book every week, or better yet almost every single day? Question: What if I am inexperienced and have never written a book? Answer: Not a problem at all! This course can take a true absolute beginner and have you publishing on demand in 10 days or less from start to finish! Question: No one knows me so how will I be able to "break in" to the writing niche? Answer: Most of the so called "Big Dogs" out there making a full time living from their amazon books sales are completely unknown. - They realized that you do not need "a name", you just need a great formula and reasonable work ethics and Kindle eBook Authority provides that formula for you perfectly! Question: Is this hard to learn? Answer: If you were just buying a simple little ebook, then yes, I would say the difficulty level would be high. However, this is not only a full training course, but also a virtual over-the-shoulder walk-through. You will watch me write a book (short story) doing each of the things I teach in this course, all the way to publishing, and then profiting... In this case, it is about as easy as it gets! LITERALLY EVERY STEP! ♦ Learn exactly how writing short eBook is more profitable than full novels! ♦ Learn about the three forms of writing and pick the one easiest for you! ♦ Understand the concept of each form of writing and all of the benefits of each one! ♦ Manipulate the power of dialogue to create an impenetrable connection between the character and the reader! ♦ Master the concept of character growth! ♦ Compose a character so realistic to the reader it turns to life! ♦ Create a relationship with the reader! ♦ Do this Step and the reader is begging to buy your next ebook! ♦ Build a scene so convincing that the readers feels as if they are there! ♦ Recognize when your writing to much! ♦ Find which power words fit your story and how they will explode your writing as a whole! ♦ Learn about unique focus techniques that puts you miles ahead of your competitors! ♦ Explore Templates of multiple plotline genre's so your always in the loop with the newest, hottest, cutting edge techniques! ♦ Understand what goal you need to achieve from each genre you are pursuing! (pure gold) ♦ Learn about formatting your eBook the Amazon way! ♦ Learn how to publish the right way! ♦ Learn about what kind of promotion can explode sales of your eBook! ♦ Fulfill your profit desires by understanding what kind of promotions to pursue! ♦ Read through the multiple examples from each section to get a full understanding of what the reader wants to read! ♦ Learn how to keep your older eBooks relevant in the marketplace by promoting them alongside with your newer eBook! ♦ Create a full series of eBooks! (much faster and easier than you think!) ♦ Create a fan base using little known tactics that are amazing! And more..! There are so many aspects when it comes to writing a fluid selling eBook, and I am going to show you every single one! Remember, this is not some little 30 page ebook with most of its content copied straight out of google like so many others out there. This is a full and complete unique course that will finally take you where you need to go in your personal journey to becoming a full time professional book author and publisher.


Best part of amazon is that it costs nothing for you to put a book on their shelves! Absolutely no cost to receive revenue!

The thing about short stories is that you could easily write a story consisting of 1500 words to around 10,000 words FAST! THE AMOUNT OF TIME THAT IT TAKES FOR SOMEONE TO WORK ON A SHORT STORY AS OPPOSED TO A NOVEL IS OBVIOUS. Short story always wins in the time variable.


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SPECIAL FREE CUSTOM SOFTWARE BONUS!END WRITERS BLOCK INSTANTLY AND FOREVER USING THIS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED CUSTOM SOFTWARE PROGRAM! With this software, any time you feel stuck on how to phrase any sentence or paragraph 1- Open up the program 2- Input some basic information The software will provide you with a massive number of variations. You can either use any of those variations directly or as inspiration to get your text worded perfectly every single time. This software alone is worth its weight in gold to any writer, and is currently being sold for $97, but you get it FREE when you order my course today!

Caution! Price & Bonus subject to change at any time without notice. This training and course material would be a steal at $247! So act now and get your copy of the Kindle eBook Authority at our ridiculously low special launch price of only $27! With an iron clad full 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!


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