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Hot Profitable Niches


This introductory course will take anyone (with any level of experience) from knowing nothing about niche marketing research to uncovering profitable niches and recognizing them quickly.

Module One – Explore Your Best Business Options

  • “Niching Down” a current business for better conversions

    Subtraction is better than addition when improving sales. In this module, we reveal  how to drill deeper for more sales!

  • Discover new opportunites in your niche

    Doing a little research as you niche down reveals opportunities to expand while still focusing on your primary business…

  • When you should “micro-niche”

    And uncover the exact difference between micro niching and drilling down into further related business niches…

Module Two – Evaluate the Potential for Success in Your Niche

  • How to evaluate your market’s financial potential

    Maybe the most important thing you can do is to ensure that there’s money in the market before you do the work – here’s how…

  • Let Google do the work for you

    Google is an amazing tool. We’ll show you how to extract the information you need to immediately prior to building your niche…

  • Amazon and Youtube to validate your research

    How to use a giant marketplace and a giant video search engine to validate your market and find competitors…

  • Ways to uncover hidden profitability tips and tricks…

    There are tried and true methods to being profitable in niches and then there are the ones that slip under the radar – until now…

Module Three – Stay Focused on What’s Working in Your Niche

  • How to Narrow Your Business Focus

    How to avoid a classic mistake by not focusing on your core business. Here’s a surefire way to always keep your eye on the target…

  • Use the Power of Customer Profiles

    Uncover steps to mining through your research to find your potential customer personas or avatars to remain focused on giving them the greatest value while you extract the most money…

  • How to Use the Specific Tools Readily Available to You!

    You won’t need fancy, costly tools to remain focused on your potential customers with research. And we’ll show you which ones work best and when…

  • How to Listen to the “Street” and Profit

    If you’re plugged into the conversations in your niche, and listening properly, you’ll discover the problems and potential solutions before the market even realizes there is a problem…

  • Use a Secret Weapon to Infiltrate Your Market

    Using surveys, you can uncover the problems and solutions by letting your customers and prospects dictate to your in their own words what they want and need…

Module Four – Refining Your Niche over Time

  1. Uncovering the Real Problem

    The key to successful niche marketing is to find a desperate problem for which you can provide a simple solution…

  2. How Do You Ask the Right Questions?

    There are simple rules to getting your prospects to give you the information that helps you build a solution that solves their problem. We’ll go through those here…

  3. What to Do If It’s Not Working?

    Knowing when to change directions is more than intuition. In fact, it’s a purely analytic decision based on numbers…

  4. What Should You Do If It IS Working?

    First, don’t mess it up. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to maximize your financial return. We’ll look at those too…

Is Doing Nothing the Right Thing to Do?

Sometimes, but it takes a LOT of work to get there. But when your’e getting the right ROI and your success seems secure, we’ll show you how to let go and move to the next niche…

BONUS #1: Instantly Download 20 Fully Researched Hot Niches to
Begin Building Your Online Niche Product Empire…


2.LED Lighting

3.Detox Food

4.Alternative Health
5.HIIT – Training

6.Survival Gear

7.Anti Aging

8.Athleisure Apparel


10.Coconut Oil

11.Drone Accessories


13.Weight Loss


15.Obesity in Children

16.Search Engine Optimization

17.Teeth Whitening

18.Wedding Dresses

19.Auto Accessories

20.Make Money Online

BONUS #2: Our Best Over-the-Shoulder Keyword and Facebook Targeting Training in a Complete 90-Minute Course…

Watch as David and Jen take the NAMS Community through in-depth targeting and keyword selection on Google Keyword Planner and Facebook targeting.

Discover how easy it is to:

  • Let Google select keywords you would have missed
  • Find powerful keyword groups
  • Create a content plan based on keyword for better results
  • Target audiences in Facebook for better conversions
  • Determine demographics and interests


Act today, we’ll add this special 29-page eBook from Dennis Becker called How to Choose a Niche!

Dennis is a veteran marketer with an outstanding personal story of moving from an offline business to becoming one of the most successful online marketers once he figured out the system.

In this book, How to Choose a Niche, Dennis goes through the entire process of selecting the right niche.

  • Getting started choosing a niche
  • Which niches are good for internet marketers?
  • How do you make money with a niche?
  • Can you be in more than one niche?
  • The basics of choosing a niche
  • The popularity of a niche
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Moving to additional business models once you’re in a niche
  • How to come up with amazing niche ideas
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Verifying your niche idea is a good one
  • How profitable is your niche idea
  • Building your online presence to establish yourself in a niche
  • How to create a solution and monetize it
  • Time to profit!

Don’t miss this chance to begin building your Niche Empire today with this special package. There’s no other program out there like Hot Profitable Niches at this price. So, get in now before the price goes up…again!


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