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Get the two ebooks I’ve been giving to coaching students to help with their Amazon sales for an extremely low price!

Unless you’ve taken one of my Fast Track holiday coaching courses, you can’t get these ebooks anywhere else.

Combined, these two ebooks contain 25 pages of valuable content that will help ANY affiliate marketer who writes about physical products.



I’m talking about that painful struggle affiliate marketers face every day: What content to write when promoting products that will do well with site visitors AND rank well in Google.

If this is something you constantly find frustrating and believe is holding you back from seeing success, you are not alone.

I’ve worked with a large number of folks who feel like they’ve hit an insurmountable, brick wall when it comes time to write the words they need to put into their posts in order to promote products from retailers such as Amazon and Zazzle.

They know they have to write content for their site that is unique if they want to rank well in Google and, yet, what more can you say about a white office desk that’s already well described on Amazon?

SEO experts have made it clear that today’s writing requires – more than ever – that content also be RELEVANT.

This gives us two goals – writing content that is unique AND writing content that is relevant to our keyword.

Yet, if we overuse our keywords Google won’t like that, either – their ranking algorithms can tell!

Ranking in Google isn’t what it used to be. It takes a much different approach.

So, when one of my students said “Erica, I wish there was a formula I could follow to help me know what to write about” I handed her my ebook called “Get In Their Heads“.

I’ve been giving this ebook to students for a couple of months now and have seen some of the most easy-flowing content about physical products that I’ve seen in quite some time.

Not only is this method making the writing process easier than ever, my students have been seeing as many as 260+ keywords show up in their Google Webmaster Tools reports within a few short weeks of starting their sites. They’re getting hundreds of impressions in Google in very short order from fewer than 20 posts on their sites!

Those on my list who noticed a mention of this ebook on the coaching sales pages also started asking for this book.

This page was created specifically for those who aren’t currently taking a coaching class but want to get their hands on this very useful guide.

In addition, I’m including a bonus ebook that I have also been giving to my coaching students. The bonus ebook is called “Hot Product Hunt“. It will show you my 5 favorite methods for finding the kinds of products that are going to be extra popular for any given holiday – including Christmas.



  • Learn what Google means by “relevant content” and why it’s so critically important for your posts
  • See how necessary it is to pull keywords apart in order to get the clues you need in order to write highly relevant content
  • Follow along as I show you how to Get Google to tell you the words you should be using in your content to make it highly relevant
  • Learn why this formula is going to get you to add “magic words” to your post that will help you rank for MORE KEYWORDS than you intended to target!
  • How to use the “what, where, when, how, and why” questions to guide your writing for physical products
  • Learn the 3 step writing process that pulls everything together quickly and easily
  • Make sure you’re leveraging the 5 OTHER AREAS of your post where you should be using your keywords and synonyms for strong, on-page SEO


  • Discover the five sources I use for learning what products are going to be the most popular for any holiday
  • How to look for new niches when doing hot product research

I know – no fancy sales page here, right? That’s because I never intended to sell this material but it’s been so handy to my students and so many have asked about it that I’m just putting it out here so you, too, can get a copy!


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