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Discover the Rock-Solid Easy Email Writing Formula That Eliminates Writer’s Block & Makes it SUPER EASY to write emotionally charged emails!
From: Sean Mize and Clif Burrell
To: Clients of Clif Burrell and Sean Mize

Are you frustrated because you are trying to write emails and a powerful campaign, but it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels, trying this, trying that, and nothing is working?

Do you open your autoresponder to write an email and your mind just draws a blank – like “What do I write about, what is my subject line, and even, what do I WRITE?”

Or perhaps you can write decent emails – but when it comes to writing a 10 email conversion sequence, you get totally stuck?
If so, we understand…and in the past, we’ve both struggled with knowing the right words to use in our emails, and we’ve struggled with subject lines, body copy, and conversion language.

But the good news is this: after writing 1,000’s of emails between the two of us…we’ve developed a system of writing emails that simply makes it all easier!

And Clif has written an amazing training that takes you step-by-step through a deep process of writing your emails such that he makes it so very, very easy!

In fact, when I was reading it, I was thinking, “Wow!  How much faster could I have gotten good at writing emails if I had had his guide 12 years ago!”.

He really digs into how to write really creative subject lines (including a formula I’ve never seen before AND a special matrix of impact-power words to make your email POP!

Plus…deep instruction on how to write the body of the email, and then 5 different angles for writing exciting emails!

Like I said, I wish I had something like this when I was developing my own email-writing system!

So…I’m going to flat-out suggest you download this manual and READ IT IMMEDIATELY!

You can literally write a months worth of POWERFUL emails with just the ideas in this manual!

Here’s a smattering of what’s included:
  • How to make it easier to write your email before you even start.
  • How to write good subject lines in any niche that make people want to open your emails.
  • How to write an effective email that keeps people wanting to read more and more.
  • Determining the best length for your emails and when to send them during a campaign
But it doesn’t stop there!  You’ll also learn…

  • 5 types of emails to save you in a pinch (these were gold nuggets for me when I learned about them)
  • How I turn negative life experiences into money in my bank account (and how you can too).
  • My secret to profiting from idiot drivers using email marketing.
  • 2 easy ways to write emails by using other people’s content (while still being ethical and legal)
  • An effective way to transform skeptics into buyers (easier than you might think)
  • A powerful way to turn your existing products into more money, over and over again (miss this and lose money).
  • How to profit from previously launched evergreen products using 2 powerful tactics that are supercharged when combined.
  • 3 things you should avoid doing in your emails and business if you don’t want to be an annoying pest to your subscribers.
Now, here’s the thing.  This is powerful!  It will change the way you write your emails, and you can start immediately.

This manual totally changes things about how you write your emails – and I believe you’ll NEVER have email-writer’s block again!  And your writing may never be the same after this!  And YOU can begin immediately!

You will be blown away by the advanced methods in this powerful email writing guide!

Now, I could probably charge $97 or more for this training, and it would be worth every penny.  But I want this to be a no-brainer for you, so you don’t have to ask your wife, you don’t have to ask your husband, you don’t have to dwell on this and wonder if you can afford it.  It’s rock solid low-priced, because I want EVERYONE to be able to come and start writing easy powerful emails right away, but because this contains so much value, I may raise the price immediately and without notice, so if you want to grab access to this powerful training at the lowest price possible, just get in now:
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