Create a Brush From Selection in Affinity Designer for iPad | Creating Illustrated Nests

Create a Brush From Selection in Affinity Designer for iPad | Creating Illustrated Nests – Free Download

Join illustrator Tracey Capone, to learn how you can create a birds nest from two different perspectives, top down and side view, using the same brush. This class will focus on using Designer’s “New Brush from Selection” feature which allows you to create a pixel brush quickly using shapes you create in either the vector or pixel personas.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the next installment of my Bird Illustrations 101 Series. In this quick tip class, we are going to expand on what we learned about using the “Brush from Selection Tool,” to create one textured brush that will give us a birds nest from two different perspectives. We’ll top our nests off with some adorable, textured eggs which we’ll create using a combination of the vector shapes and raster textures.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to create a textured nest scatter brush with multiple colors, shapes and textures using Affinity Designer’s Brush from Selection.
  • How to create one brush, and with slight adjustments to the settings, create a nest from two different perspectives: top down, and side view.
  • How to create shading and highlight to give the nest illustration depth and dimension, as well as atmosphere, using Gaussian Blur and the Transparency Tool
  • How to create eggs for your nests using a combination of vector shapes and raster texture image files and brushes and how to shade the eggs to make them feel more realistic in their nest.


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