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When you invest in Winning The Game of Money, here’s what you’re going to get:


Your Money Mindset

Focus on increasing your awareness of all the financial opportunities around you and gain an understanding of what “A Money Story” is and how it controls your entire relationship with money. Prime your brain with the beliefs required to achieve financial abundance and success.


Money Resonance

Activate wealth emotions and feelings so you resonate and attract more money. Discover the seven steps to changing your Money Story and limiting beliefs and behaviors. This is a powerful expereince!


Empower Your Mind

Focus on the tenacity and resolve needed to achieve all of your financial and life goals, and begin taking action to change your current Money Story.


Let Go… Start Fresh

Learn to release the stories and excuses that are currently holding you back and discover the six most crucial elements to making your new Money Story stick.


Believing is Seeing

Discover how to create the “inner” mindset and subconscious success patterns so your brain automatically helps you focus on achieving greater success. Start to think and feel wealthy, so it becomes grounded in your body and emotions — and start to increase those feelings now.


Inside Out And Outside In

Discover how to reactivate your creative neurons using your imagination and higher intuitive function, so you can generate more imaginative, income generating ideas than ever before. Learn how to properly set up the nine environments that affect your success.


Level Up Your Game

This advanced level uses the “overload principle” to creatively bombard your conscious and nonconscious mind for maximum neural pattern creation, incorporating a combination of each of the previous levels’ methodologies and content. Reinforce and accelerate your new subconscious success patterns and learn to set and achieve your financial goals by using the powerful G.O.O.P. process.


Increase Momentum

Activate your “wealth mindset” with deeper brain training and learn how to maximize your personal effectiveness with training on ending self sabotaging behaviors. You’ll reinforce your conscious and nonconscious mind’s positive neural pattern to create the required mental pathways for attracting wealth.


Speed Up Success

This deep brain training accelerates the imprinting of your wealth mindset and shows you the crucial steps to achieving your financial goals vs just setting them. The gamma frequencies in this level cement the most powerful Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming content in the world into your brain. This will give you the ultimate in clarity, focus and laser-precise abilities to accomplish your financial and life goals.


Dive Deeper

Learn how to let go of any of money fears you may have and discover six proven strategies to interrupt negative thoughts and feelings as you learn to control your emotions. Release your fears, worries, anxieties or stress around money in this level by training your brain to trust your intuition.


Maximize Your Power

In this advanced level, you will learn a simple method to consciously create, impress and install updated, productive beliefs and behaviors that support abundance and wealth. Discover the C.R.A.P. board process to eliminate any conflicts, resistance, anxiety or other problems you may have.


Financial Success

Discover how to master your money focus and learn how to become an Automatic Millionaire using the powerful process created by New York Times bestselling author David Bach. You will reinforce your ability to choose a financial target and follow through to its achievement.

On-Demand Million Dollar Success Training Library

Imagine the world’s leading experts teaching you and sharing with you the latest methods, tools and techniques to strengthen your mindset & skill set as you discover how to eliminate any of the emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

You’ll break free from anything that is holding you back right now, and you’ll gain insights that you can immediately apply to help you become the person you are meant to become.

No more waiting for success! Imagine having emotional freedom, time and choice freedom to finally live your life the way you imagine it to be. Imagine what your life can be like. How would that feel?


The Five Pillars of Financial Success

Master these 5 financial pillars:

1. Getting out of debt fast

2. Earning more money

3. Managing your money better

4. Investing wisely

5. Protecting your wealth

How do you measure financial success?

For you, does it mean having the freedom to go on vacation whenever you want, to travel the world in style while growing your wealth? Does it mean having enough to make ends meet without worry, and removing the fear of retirement that keeps so many people working longer and harder than they should?

It all depends on which stage of your financial life you are in. The Five Pillars of financial success training videos features hours of video content designed to help assess your current financial situation and determine the best next steps to move you towards:

Learn the mindset and specific step-by-step strategies and tactics you need to get out of debt fast, earn more money, manage it better and invest and protect your wealth so you can retire rich and happy. All this and more in these 5 video training programs.


Exceptional Life Blueprint

Access this Video Training Series: My Exceptional Life Blueprint, and you’ll discover how to find your purpose, clarify your goals, and take the actions necessary to create your dream life.

Heres what’s inside:

  • The guiding thoughts, beliefs, goals and principles John Assaraf used in his own life to get to where he is today
  • The key questions you MUST ask yourself daily to achieve your goals
  • A simple way to find clarity on what exactly it is you want out of life
  • The habits, rituals, beliefs and thought patterns you must adopt if you want to leave your old, tired life behind… and start a new journey toward the life of your dreams
  • The guide will provide you with a step by step framework guided by John Assaraf online so you can finally create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

… Plus a whole lot more!

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