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5 Provocative Marketing Truths Being Hidden From You… 

And Why You’ll Never Make “Big Money” Without Them!
“The Down & Dirty Truth About Why Most Marketing Funnels Are 

Failing Miserably… “
(And The 5 Eye-Opening Big Money Marketing Truths The “Guru’s” Are Failing To Teach You Because Many Don’t Even Know Better Themselves!)



All the “cool” whizbang marketing tactics and techniques being peddled will not fix a marketing campaign which isn’t bringing you consistent new customers. ​
(Not unless you realize the truth of what you’re about to discover in the following pages.)
More tactics are not the answer. And you likely already realize that deep down inside.
You need something different.

So, ​yes,​ I’m going to tell you things in this book you won’t hear anywhere else.
Stuff about marketing campaigns most other experts aren’t willing to share with you.
Stuff… the “experts” are afraid for you to hear. And you’ll understand why in just a second.
Fact is: The methods you’ll find divulged in the following pages are highly controversial.

Not because they’re not true. But because they’re truer than anything else you’ve likely ever been taught about making big money with your marketing.
Yet, what you’re about to read goes against almost everything you’ve been led to believe about marketing that produces lots and lots of sales.
But what you’ll discover in this little book will change everything for you, your business, and your income.
Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Find In Your CopyOf This Highly Controversial New Book:
  •  Why a whizbang marketing funnel with all the tactical bells and whistles will never beat a simple marketing funnel that presents “this” the right way… (page 8)
  •  The one, single thing which has created more millionaires and multi-millionaires in the direct marketing world than any other single strategy or tactic. (page 12)

     Why the traditional U.S.P., unique selling proposition, has nothing to do with you crafting a big money promotion. (page 14)

  •  The rarely understood secret behind the marketing success and wealth of the biggest marketing promotions in history. (page 15)
  • ​What legendary ad man, David Ogilvy, proclaimed “that without ‘this’ you will never win fame or fortune.” (page 18)

    The formula behind creating the type of single marketing campaign that can change your business, and your life. (page 19)

    How to create buying demand out of thin air! (page 28)

     The one thing you MUST do to avoid getting the “Google Slap” and having your product or service viewed as a commodity. (page 30)

    The most effective way to create hope in your market and turn even the most tired and jaded prospects into eager buyers! (page 32)

    How to avoid the huge marketing mistake of reeling in your prospect too early, which will result in you losing them. (page 35)

    The key to setting the “emotional hook” in your prospects. (page 36)

    The critical and rarely understood difference between marketing and selling… and the key to making selling superfluous. (page 39)

    The “attorney approach” to presenting a rock-solid, logical argument to your prospect which leads to only one conclusion… buy your product now! (page 43)

    How to assemble a S.I.N. offer to double, triple, even quadruple your sales. (page 49)

    Understanding the 5 pillars at the core of every high-converting marketing campaign. (page 51)

     …and much, MUCH MORE!
Listen, we’re so confident this book will bring new life to your marketing that we’re willing to give you 3 TIMES your investment if it doesn’t. TRIPLE CASH!
Take a FULL 30 days and see for yourself. If after 30 days you’re not THRILLED, send us 1 email and we’ll immediately put a check in the mail for you.

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