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The Recession-Proof Freelancer: A 12-Point Plan for Thriving in Hard Times (from a freelance writer who’s been there) Kindle Edition

Learn how to earn well from your freelance writing in bad times or good!

Need to freelance in these hard times? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve done this before — and I’ve got tips.

Greetings from my living room! I’m Seattle freelance writer Carol Tice. I built my own freelance-writing business up until it hit six figures — in the depths of the 2008-’10 recession.

You may be feeling scared right now. I get it. Know that you CAN earn well as a freelancer, even in a recession.

IF you know what to do, to find and keep great freelance clients, when the economy goes nuts.

If you don’t — no worries! I’ve created a fear-busting, confidence-building FREE e-book that reveals exactly how I built a thriving freelance biz in the worst of times. The Recession-Proof Freelancer unpacks those life lessons, and gives you a simple system of key actions you need to take, to earn a freelance living in this uncertain moment.

Maybe you’re just jumping into freelancing now (or were pushed). Or you’re a longtime freelancer worried about how to find and keep good clients in this crazy sitch. Either way, this e-book has practical info and useful resources to help you build your biz and earn well, no matter what.

Includes resources to help you find clients and get hired!

A special section at the end of this book includes 3 of my most popular handouts:

Find Your First Freelance Writing Client With These 7 Pitch Templates
8 Ways to Get Editors’ Emails
18 Free Resources for Finding Better Freelance Writing Clients

The Recession-Proof Freelancer includes everything you need to confidently niche, pitch, and build a thriving freelance biz.
This e-book answers questions including:

What’s the secret of growing freelance income, despite a down economy?
Which industries will do well in the recession?
How can I ask for referrals, given everything that’s happening?
What sort of sites do I need to set up, to appear professional online?
I’m so worried — how can I make it stop, and take action to build my biz?
What’s the easiest way to earn more, as a working freelancer?

Wonder no more — The Recession-Proof Freelancer is packed with useful pitch scripts and on-the-ground advice from my high-earning journey through the last recession.


“Are you a freelancer worried about the recession? Do you want to come out stronger than ever? Fear no more–Carol Tice is here to help. This book gives you a proven, step-by-step guide to recession-proofing your freelancing career. You can tell she’s done it before!” – Matthew Alexander, Chief Hobby Hustler |

“When COVID-19 hit, new assignments started to slow and ultimately vanished. I could feel a swell of panic coming on — I was stymied on how to market through the pandemic. But after reading The Recession-Proof Freelancer, I know what to do and how to do it. What I loved most about it — and I really do mean loved — is that the entire mindset is how to thrive — not just survive — through the recession, from someone who has done it. This book is worth tons of money to any freelancer who follows its recommendations.”–Andrea Kluge, freelance dental writer |

“This book gives step-by-step, fearless advice for new and experienced freelancer writers. Reading this now, I feel like I have a plan and strategies to course-correct as economic change unfolds. We don’t have to drift aimlessly through a recession, we can take charge of our businesses and thrive even in uncertainty.” —Kaitlin Morrison, Freelance Technology Writer |

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Top review from United Kingdom

P. McFiercey

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 June 2020

Verified Purchase
A well written and informative book. Carol has a no nonsense approach and gives step by step guidance on how to market yourself to leverage business.

Top reviews from other countries

Maria Perry Mohan
5.0 out of 5 stars Practical & Reassuring Advice

Reviewed in India on 26 April 2020

Verified Purchase
I’ve been freelancing for a few years now, but without pressure, as I’m supported by my partner. However, the very moment I’ve decided to become serious about freelancing, the current circumstances have presented themselves. This eBook is full of practical tips to help freelancers survive and thrive in the most difficult times. It’s written in a nice, easy style and won’t blind you with science. It makes me want to get out there and start marketing. Instead of feeling fearful, I’m energised. No matter what business you’re in, be it freelance writing or freelance anything, this is the handbook for navigating these crazy, tough times. Pick up a copy and use the advice. it gives. You’ll thank yourself for doing it.
Duncan Seward
5.0 out of 5 stars Survive and prosper in tough times

Reviewed in Canada on 24 April 2020

Verified Purchase
Carol is the go to expert in building a freelancing business for writers. Her style is straight forward and applicable. Not fuzzy wuzzy got to find your passion here, just the straight goods on how to build a freelance business in tough times.
If you want to prosper…buy this book. Now.
Matthew M. Robare
4.0 out of 5 stars Motivation and Advice is a Good Combo for the Struggling Writer

Reviewed in the United States on 27 April 2020

Verified Purchase
Too many writers fantasize, not about writing, but about having written. They think that being successful is about being a good writer, but that’s not true at all and those of us who “toil in the valley of the shadow of books” have Carol Tice to thank for waking us up. Writing is like any other business — it takes a business mindset, intelligent marketing and an understanding of what customers want and need to be succesful — and this book helps break it down for us. There is an emphasis on self-confidence and motivation, which is welcome because both of those were the first to go for a lot of writers when the Coronavirus Recession began.

My only criticism is her advice about LinkedIn, which needs a bit more detail. For instance, I know that Carol advises people not accept connection requests from people without photos or that have a business name with an individual account. I would argue to never connect with anyone who lists their job as a freelance wrter at Upwork and their summary is in broken English. I have also not been happy with LinkedIn Groups, which in my experience are all too often taken over by spam accounts.

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