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Stop me if I get this wrong.

99 times out of 100, the reason why your sales funnel isn’t working is because of ONE simple reason:

You’re being weird.

Take it from the guy who’s always the weirdo in the room—I’m serious about this.

Imagine this:

  1. You got dragged to a friend of a friend’s birthday party
  2. You don’t know anyone there and your friend bailed on you (of course)
  3. You don’t want to be the awkward person standing by themselves
  4. You pretend to check your phone, but that only works for like 5 minutes
  5. Out of options, you decide to go and try to meet some people
  6. You meet this guy who seems nice and talkative—you ask him what he does for work
  7. Your new friend mentions that he’s an insurance salesman.

You spend the next 2 hours talking about your home insurance options.

Too real, amirite?

The only difference between this and the online world is that your website visitors don’t even have to pretend to pay attention to you.

The instant you start being weird, your visitors/subscribers/potential customers will close your website, unsubscribe from emails, or unfollow you on social media.

Online business owners and digital marketers deal with a lot of data…but we sometimes forget what all these numbers represent: people.

  1. Every page view is someone who decided to hear what you have to say
  2. Every subscriber is someone who wants to know more about you
  3. Every transaction is someone who trusted you enough to purchase what you offer

All you need to do is treat people like people.

If you’re able to build a relationship with your website visitors, subscribers, leads, and customers, you’ll be successful at selling your product.

If you can do this AT SCALE, you’ll have a successful sales funnel.

What if you could create a scalable process to systematically converts thousands of visitors into customers and fans?

I can guarantee you it would have a massive impact on your or your client’s business:

  • You will charge more for your services and attract more qualified leads to your agency
  • You will grow your own business with an automated system
  • You will align the entire marketing team behind a rock-solid plan to generate growth

How can you do this? Look, no one has a magic sales funnel that works for any business: you’ll often try things that won’t work…

but it’s also not a secret that the fastest way to build your funnel is to:

  1. Learn what works for some of the most successful companies in the world
  2. Learn it directly from people who have already grown massive businesses
  3. Adapt what you learned to your own business

We’ve brought one of the best growth marketers in the world to the ClickMinded team for that: Jim Huffman, growth mentor at TechStars.

The ClickMinded Sales Funnel Training teaches you EXACTLY how to massively increase revenue with powerful sales funnels.

This is just a taste of what you’ll get in the course.

How sales funnels fit into your business

  • What really goes into building a successful sales funnel (hint: it’s more than just getting sales)
  • The one thing you MUST have before you can even consider building a funnel (nothing you try will work unless you have this)

The sales funnel framework

  • Discover the simple model you can use to create a comprehensive growth strategy for any business
  • How to define your goals and metrics at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel
  • Three powerful examples of companies and individuals who have used massively successful tactics at each stage of the funnel (includes “The Fat Jew”, Koala, and Dropbox)

Top of the funnel blueprint: How to attract traffic to your site

  • Which are the KPIs that matter the most at the top of the funnel (i.e. what you should and shouldn’t care about)
  • The content tactics can you use to attract a lot of new traffic to your site (it’s not all about “creating a viral campaign”)
  • How to reverse engineer successful content and automatically find thousands of people interested in your content (in a single step)
  • 4 simple tactics to write headlines that stand out to your target audience
  • An 11-point playbook you can use to distribute your content (if you’re not spending as much time promoting as you spend creating content, you’re doing it wrong)
  • How two companies in boring industries—Mint and Sigstr—were able to create insanely popular content to attract traffic.
  • It’s not all about writing blog posts—we’ll go over examples of companies using video and podcasts as their main acquisition channels.
  • The SEO tactics you need to follow to make sure you get traffic from search engines (even if you don’t understand SEO)
  • 2 simple paid search tactics you can use if you are in a highly competitive niche with expensive bids.
  • Discover the 9 social media channels that are powerful top of funnel channels (and best practices on when and how often to share)
  • Getting started with Facebook Ads in three simple steps (it’s all about creating RELEVANT audiences)
  • People don’t go on Facebook to look at ads—we’ll share the type of content that will make sure your ads are noticed
  • The 4 metrics you should focus on to measure success—don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by dozens of metrics.
  • Who should use direct email outreach and how to create highly-successful outreach campaigns (including the tools you can use to scale this tactic)
  • How some startups manage to get extensive press coverage without spending millions of dollars or hiring a PR agency.
  • Creative ways to use offline events to offer powerful experiences to your audience.

Middle of the funnel blueprint: How to convert visitors into leads

  • Which are the KPIs that matter the most at the middle of the funnel (i.e. what you should and shouldn’t care about)
  • The 10-point checklist to run a webinar that converts
  • How to use content upgrades to grow your email list (and when it makes sense to reduce your conversion rate to get more qualified leads)
  • The tactic used by Stanford and Y Combinator to generate over ONE MILLION leads: a mini-course
  • The RIGHT way to run product demos that convert (very few companies do this successfully)
  • Find out why free trials have become the preferred acquisition tactic for SaaS businesses
  • 5 tips for landing pages that convert and 7 best-practices for e-commerce pages that drive sales
  • The exact step-by-step process Jim followed to 7x the conversion rate of cold traffic for a niche startup
  • Using onboarding emails to automatically nurture new leads (with real examples of successful B2C and B2B companies)
  • Discover the incredibly effective ways how companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt use transactional emails

Bottom of the funnel blueprint: How to drive massive sales and get repeat customers

  • Which are the KPIs that matter the most at the bottom of the funnel (i.e. what you should and shouldn’t care about)
  • 3 simple tactics to drive massive sales that you can implement in less than a day (with examples from companies like Gold’s Gym, Spotify, Harry’s, Koala)
  • The genius tactics used by startups and companies (including Tesla) to get customers even before launching a product
  • powerful 3-stage launch strategy—this is the same strategy we use for all of our launches at ClickMinded
  • How you can leverage other people’s audiences (your customers included) to get more sales
  • The one email campaign you should be running no matter what industry you’re in (plus, best practices from a highly-successful ecommerce email marketing company)

Managing your own sales funnel

  • The process you have to follow run your growth experiments—and why focusing on a specific stage of the funnel is the way to succeed
  • Discover the 4 criteria Jim uses to determine which experiments to run: impact, budget, feedback loop, and segments
  • How to turn growth into a system by using a framework to launch, measure, and scale growth tactics
  • 26 of our favorite growth tools you can use to implement the tactics you learned in the course.

Who’s a good fit for ClickMinded?

We’re not for everyone. Here’s who should (and shouldn’t) enroll.


  • You want to learn everything there is to know about funnels as fast as possible.
  • You want lifetime access and free updates for life, because things change all the time.
  • You want to save time and easily train new employees or new members of your team.
  • You want more conversions from your traffic!
  • You have clients that are asking how they can increase their conversion rate.
  • You want to join the 8,000+ other businesses using ClickMinded to learn digital marketing.
  • You’ll benefit from “over-the-shoulder” walkthroughs of technical optimization.
  • You want to earn a conversion funnel certification (that you can add to LinkedIn).


  • You have time to teach yourself through trial and error in order to save money.
  • You are comfortable keeping up with changes in funnel trends on your own.
  • You already have a process to train employees and team mates on conversion funnels.
  • You don’t need more conversions (oh come on).
  • Your clients aren’t asking for ways that they can increase their conversion rate.
  • Screw everyone else! You don’t need nothin’ from nobody and can do it yourself.
  • You understand the technical stuff and don’t need “over-the-shoulder” walkthroughs.
  • You already have a portfolio or evidence to prove that you understand funnels.

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