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Simple eBook Profits

I was filled with doubts when I wrote my first ebook.

I was pretty much a “no one”.

I did not have an email list.  I did not have a website for my niche. I did not have any affiliates who would help me sell my ebook.

I had no clue what I was doing and I spent weeks researching every step online to get the process down.

Even then, I made plenty of mistakes and those cost me a great deal of time.

The process seemed so complicated but “seemed” is the operative word because it’s not very complicated at all!

Once you know what has to be done it’s simply a matter of repeating the steps over and over to create more and more ebooks – each one an income stream that goes right into your pocket.

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying – KISS – “keep it simple, stupid”. That’s my operating principle. I like things simple. I don’t want to do a “big launch” with a huge “funnel”, copywriters, upsells, graphic artists, and long, drawn-out schedules.

I want to take a day or two, create an ebook and get it up for sale.

I call my method Simple eBook Profits.

70+ page PDF with detailed, step-by-step instructions covering:

The simple method I use to come up with endless ideas for ebooks in any niche

Must-have elements to include in your ebook

Fast tools (paid AND free) for creating 3D and 2D ebook covers

Where to sell your ebook

The buy button/payment processor/delivery service challenge and the one service I rely on most to solve them all

My quick sales page creation method

How to launch your product on WarriorPlus and your own website or WarriorForum using JVZoo and the settings I use to do so

How to create one sales page and copy it for use in other locations

PLUS – get my eBook template so you can get started right away (multiple formats including Google Docs)

This is not about building an email list.

This does not show you how to sell books on Amazon Kindle.

This is not about Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform.

This is not about affiliate marketing.

I do not use any black hat methods, build backlinks, or buy traffic and I will not be teaching you how to do those things, either.

This is not about CPA.

You do not need to buy anything else in order to follow the steps in this strategy other than to pay any listing fees for any marketplaces you might use to list your ebooks for sale.

Question: Will I have to spend any other money to complete the steps in this course?

Answer: Other than paying any listing fees for marketplaces where you might list your book there are no other tools or services you need to buy. I show you how to use free tools to accomplish each step although there are some recommendations, too, for a couple of paid tools that can speed things up.

Question: I’m not a very good writer.  How would this help me?

Answer: Writing can be a challenge for many but if you take the time to follow my suggestions for ideas and writing you should find the process goes more easily than you’ve run into before. You do, though, need to use proper grammar matching the language of your target audience.

Question: How many sales can I expect of my first book?

Answer: The quantity of sales you’ll make depends on many things but foremost is the ability to get your ebook in front of the right audience by following the steps to choose the proper marketplace for your ebook.

Question: Will I have to do a lot of writing to create an ebook?

Answer: Some topics will require a lot of writing. It is a “book” you’re creating. However, there are also lots of topics you can write about where the writing is mostly how to do something which acts more like a procedure manual than anything else. That kind of writing can be a lot easier than, say, writing a fiction novel.

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