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Secrets Of The Multi Millionaire

The vast majority of people who try to break into this field simply aren’t going to make it. They won’t have the chance to live an incredible lifestyle. They won’t be able to help countless people improve their lives. And they won’t get anywhere close to rich.

It’s not because they’re not experts, because they don’t know enough, or even because they’re bad trainers.

The problem is that they just don’t know what they’re doing.

They either try to wing it and learn on their own. Or even worse — they learn from someone who has never made it to the highest levels themselves.

But there is some good news.

No matter what you’ve heard, succeeding in this business is highly possible — if you know what to do.

Here’s what you DON’T need… You don’t need to be extraordinary or even special. You don’t need to be the best speaker or writer on the planet. You don’t need to be polished or look perfect. And you don’t need to have connections in the industry.

But there are secrets, strategies and techniques that will help you make it to the top. And we want to share them with you. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first…

No matter what walk of life you come from, understanding how to be an amazing trainer is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals or elevate your life to the next level.

The secrets we’re about to share with you work for just about anyone.

They work for current or prospective trainers or speakers. For coaches. For authors. For any professionals or any entrepreneurs who want to use teaching to promote their business.


It’s simple. Because when you’re the trainer and everyone is talking about you, you gain instant credibility and trust and you’re perceived as the expert.

It also gives your prospects and buyers a chance to meet you in person and learn face-to-face from you, which builds deeper connections and even more trust with them.

Teaching is the singlest most effective method to promote your business AND get rich so it’s a great idea to know how to train others.

So what if you’re not an “expert” in your industry? What if you’ve never taught anyone before in your life? What if you suffer from stage fright? Can you still be a world-class trainer even if you feel like the last person on earth qualified to teach?

The truth is… Yes! None of that actually matters.

Everyone — yes, even you — has skills, knowledge, and expertise to share. Chances are if there’s something you know more about than others, you know enough to teach those who know less than you do!

What you need to know about teaching is this: where most people fail isn’t the fact that they don’t have the expertise.

People actually fail because they don’t have the right systems in place to turn their teaching into a business OR using teaching as a part of their business.

Once you have the system, everything else is easy.

That’s where our newest program comes in. It’s a step-by-step training SYSTEM, for beginners right through to advanced professionals who want to succeed in this field through live or online events, or a lucrative blend of both.

We give you everything you need to become a world class trainer… and get rich.

“When I took this program, I was planning on becoming a speaker. Halfway through the course, I realized I wanted to be a trainer. Three weeks later I gave my 1st seminar and netted $75,000! This system really works. Thank you for helping my dreams come true!”

– Sherwin

“With a doctorate and over 30 years as an educator, the most I made as an educational consultant was $10,000 a year. Since Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer, in 2 months I have signed contracts of $102,795 and the school year isn’t even a third of the way over. Thank you so much!”

– Dr. Mayra Hernandez

“Thank you, Harv. I’ve learned a lot from this program and it’s totally changed me into a new person. For the first time I’m confident I will succeed in my life and in my business. Thank you very much!”

– Jane Chong

“I didn’t think Harv’s courses could get any better, but this one topped them all. I have presented seminars for 17 years. If I had this course when I first started, I’d be rich now.”

– Brenda Eastwood

“I made over $10,000 as a result of one, 1-hour webinar. This is more than I used to earn training in a whole year! Thank you Harv!”

– Jared W.

“I did a 1.5 hour presentation today and the response was awesome. The templates and techniques that I learned in this program were a massive help and made preparing for my first event an absolute joy! Thank you Harv, this truly is the greatest profession on Earth.”

– Jennifer Wheaton

Teaching is the single most effective way to grow your business, promote your product or promote your service.


Firstly, because selling one-to-one is old school. It’s outdated and there’s no leverage.

But when you teach, you are working with groups, be it small, like 10 or 20 people at a time in a boardroom or office, or 100 or 1000 or 5000 people at a time at a conference. In either case, you’ve created leverage which is an essential element in creating wealth.

Also, when you’re at the front of the room or on a stage, you’re perceived as an expert. And isn’t it true that most people, including yourself, would prefer to do business with an expert?

Also, when you teach the way Harv shows you, you’ll know how to gain trust quickly with your audience which makes promoting your business and service very easy and effortless.

Great question! When you train you teach based on what you know and what’ve you personally experienced in your life. For example, let’s say you lost 20 pounds. Great, now you can teach people how YOU lost 20 pounds.

Being yourself is a key ingredient to your success with this program, but on top of that, we’ll show you how to use your personality to your advantage! Also, as you practice and get more experience, you’ll likely become more and more confident when you speak.

Once you see how your talk can help change another person’s life you’ll become more passionate about speaking, which will result in more motivation, more dedication and more excitement towards what you’re doing.

That depends on you! How fast would you like to become a great speaker and succeed?

This class is online and you can go at your own pace, but with that being said, we release one module per week. The program has about 5.5 hours of transformational content so going through the modules will take less than an hour a week (for the first 7 weeks).

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