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In short, what are expired domain auctions?
Domains on Dynadot that are not renewed by users will eventually enter an auctioning phase, where other Dynadot users can place bids on that domain to attempt to become the new domain owner after the domain auction time has expired. Our auctions last 7 days, with auctions extending by 5 minutes if a bid is received within the last 5 minutes. For more detailed information, visit our help page.

Are there any requirements for participating in the expired domains auctions?
Joining in on our auctions is simple. You will need a Dynadot account (creating one is free), at least $5 as your Dynadot account balance or have made a $5 purchase on Dynadot within the last year, and you must not be banned from participating in our aftermarket platform. View our help page to read more information about the requirements.

What happens to expired domains?
Domains go through multiple states before fully expiring and returning to the market. Once the domain ownership period ends, the user has approximately 40 days to renew the domain – this timeframe is referred to as the renewal grace period. After the renewal grace period ends, the redemption period begins, allowing the user to attempt to renew the domain for a steeper price (due to more complexity involved to renew the domain at this point) which varies depending on the TLD. For more details about the expired domains process, visit our blog post about what happens when a domain expires.

Do expired domains keep their original creation date if won?
Yes, domains that are won do keep their original creation date as they are not considered brand-new registrations.

What is the “EstiBot” column? How is the amount generated?
The “EstiBot” column is an estimated worth of a specific domain. EstiBot is an automated appraisal system used across the domain industry that utilizes an algorithm to determine a domain’s approximate value. This algorithm is constantly being improved and developed to assist domain investors in making informed decisions. The EstiBot evaluator can be found throughout our domain auction services.

What is the “Links” column?
It refers to how many backlinks a domain has. A backlink is a clickable URL found on another website that points to the listed domain. Backlinks can have a positive effect on a website’s search ranking position, though certain backlinks have a stronger effect than others. This column is relevant for users considering using expired domains for SEO purposes. More backlinks can also improve the evaluation of a domain name.

What is the “Age” column?
Refers to the total number of years elapsed since the domain was first registered.Older domains can have a higher value, though this can often depend on how active the domain was while registered. The age of a domain can be an important factor when using a domain for SEO purposes.

What is the “Revenue” column?
Refers to the estimated monthly revenue that the domain may provide through parking advertisements. The amount is generated from well-known third-party parking companies.

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