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Optimized Profits

For the past 9+ years we’ve been achieving top rankings in Google for sites in various niches. The traffic that we’ve enjoyed from these rankings range from tens to tens of thousands, but it almost always results in money in the bank!

You see, most people worry more about how they’re going to get MORE traffic than they do about how they’re going to get PROFITABLE traffic … I do it the other way around. I worry more about getting the RIGHT traffic than I do about getting loads of traffic.

The fact is, you can get thousands of visitors to a site and make little to no money at all from that site
… but on the flip side, you can get a few hundred visitors and make hundreds, even thousands of dollars if you’re targeting the right niche, targeting the right keywords and monetizing in the right way.

That’s because I learned LONG ago, that online success is not based off of how much traffic you can get, or how many people you can get on your list or how many websites you have. Success online is determined by how many QUALITY website visitors you can get to convert into sales (or ad revenue)!

100 Visitors Can Equal $0 or $1,000+
Depending on the QUALITY of that Traffic!

Yes, there are a few other factors involved, but if you cover a few very important bases, you can easily find yourself on the upside of that!

So what do you need in order to earn MORE money with LESS traffic?

The Right Market: You can make SOME money in any market. But there is very little money to be made in many, so targeting a profitable market is very import when it comes to making more money with less traffic.

 The Right Keywords: You could find the BEST market out there … a market with money to be made in many ways, but if you target the wrong niche and keywords within that market, you’re not going to be one of the many who profits from that market. By the way, good keyword research is NOT only for SEO!

 The Right Traffic Sources: It really isn’t that hard to get SOME targeted traffic. Search Engines, answer sites, discussion forums, blogs … among others. And when you’re not pressured to get THOUSANDS of visitors, you’ll find it is actually pretty easy.

 The Right Monetization: You could be targeting the perfect market, the perfect keywords and getting traffic from highly targeted sources, but without the right monetization you could be leaving all kinds of money on the table! The right monetization is crucial is maximizing your revenue potential.

Get Any One of These Things Wrong and
You’ll be Leaving Money on the Table

Nearly every day I come across a site (usually more than one) that is making less money than it could be, simply because the owner of the site got one or more of these points wrong.

You may be like these website owners, making far less money than you could be making … maybe even making no money at all!

Thankfully, I’ve just written an in-depth report where I explain the exact steps you need to take in order to make more money with less traffic by targeting the RIGHT market, the RIGHT keywords and getting the RIGHT traffic that converts into money in your pocket via the RIGHT monetization!

Start Making More [Money] With Less [Traffic] Today!

In “Optimized Profits” you will learn the exact steps that I have been taking in order to earn impressive revenue from sites that most people would be lucky to earn a few bucks from.

In “Optimized Profits” I explain:

What is important when searching for a good market to get into and what markets NOT to get into to avoid wasting time, money and resources.
 How to find good keywords that you can not only achieve top rankings in Google with, but that you can actually profit from via other traffic sources as well!

 How to get targeted, PROFITABLE traffic to your site(s) partly from Search Engines, but without having to rely on them! And other useful traffic sources that will help you drive targeted traffic, while preventing wasted time, money and resources!

 How to monetize your site for MAXIMUM profit potential! I explain exactly when to use the different monetization methods (adsense, affiliate offers, etc.) and how to use each one effectively.

 How to combine all of the above effectively in order to establish a solid, profitable system that you can use over and over again to create and profit from as many sites as you have time to build!

Why Should You Learn From Us?

Listen, I’m certainly not one to brag. I consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to have achieved the success that I have achieved in my online ventures. But strictly for credibility purposes, I’ve listed just a few of the reasons why I believe you trust what I have to say when it comes to Internet Marketing:

 I’ve developed and sold some of the most popular Internet Marketing products on the market today. Products like TheBestSpinner, ArticleBuilder and InstantArticleWizard, just to name a few.

 I’ve been earning my living online for nearly 15 years, with profits in the 7-figure range for several of those years. I’ve had success in everything from affiliate marketing and adsense, to software and info-product creation and marketing.

 I’ve done hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate sales myself and I have affiliates who do hundreds of thousands in affiliate sales, so I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to not only affiliate marketing, but SEO and most other aspects of IM.

As you can see, I’ve had my fair share of success over the years and I would like to share some of the things that I’ve learned with you!

You may expect to pay upwards of $100, or more, for this kind of insight, but that’s not the case at all. For a limited time, you can grab your copy of “Optimized Profits” for a very steep discount that will only be available for a limited time!

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