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No Stress WordPress 2.0No Stress WordPress 2.0 is an online course for ambitious Elementor designers like you, who are ready to learn how to build websites quickly and more profitably than ever before.

Completely up-to-date and remade from scratch.

Elementor is amazing. But alas, it’s not a magic bullet. It’s still part of WordPress and you still need a solid process and framework to deliver a fully functional, responsive WP site.

This is exactly what No Stress WordPress 2.0 will give you — a solid foundation that will enable you to unleash the true capabilities of Elementor. And I’ll be with you as your guide, every step of the way.

No Stress WordPress 2.0 is a series of bite-sized, engaging video lessons that layer on top of each other to create a logical progression for you, a non-coder Elementor Pro user.

Watch over my shoulder as we create rock-solid, fully functional WordPress websites using this best-practice workflow that literally anyone can follow.

Along the way, you’ll find the solutions to the core WordPress conundrums that, up until now, have been blocking your progress.

As an educator first and foremost, I believe in the “teach a man to fish” principle. I want to give you all the tools and understanding you’ll need to be able to APPLY what you learn to all your projects in future.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in each module…


The Set Up

Most self-taught WordPress users only know what they know (and don’t know what they don’t know) which is often most notable when it comes to these essential set-up steps.

We’ll begin by quickly installing and preparing WordPress from the starter site, and setting up Elementor for the smoothest, most efficient workflow.

You’ll then learn the optimal way to add a logo while avoiding common pitfalls, and how to set consistent brand styles for the entire site in one fell swoop.

Say hello to faster and more profitable web builds from here on in!


The Framework

In this module, we build the main frame of your website—nav menu, header, and footer.

Using Elementor Pro’s theme builder, you’ll learn heaps of clever, time-saving tips and tricks that you can carry with you into all future builds.

Learn exactly what your theme does, and why you need one.

THE biggest cause of roadblocks I see is not understanding what theme templates are, how they interact with Elementor, and the difference between theme templates and Elementor templates. Prepare to unlock the key to faster, smoother web builds.


Layout System

I’ve been building websites for 20 years but it wasn’t until recently that I developed a simple, straightforward system for consistently creating aesthetically pleasing layouts—even if you’re not a professional designer.

Before you can confidently use the layout system, you’ll first need to understand a fundamental aspect of how Elementor creates layouts, and the method it uses to create gaps between columns.

With this understanding clear in your mind, you’ll then be free to implement my step-by-step, foolproof layout system for creating beautifully aligned, aesthetically pleasing layouts that look great every time.


Standalone Content

There are two types of content that you can develop in WordPress: standalone content and template-driven content. In this module we establish the former.

You’ll learn how to create a hero header with full width image and high-contrast text overlays…

Before learning how all the rules change when you add background colours to columns (you could lose days figuring this quirk out!)

We’ll also take a look at more complex layouts that call for nested sections, and you’ll pick up valuable time-saving tips that’ll allow you to race through development with the help of global widgets.

Finally, we’ll look at call to action sections, review the differences between standalone templates and master editable templates, and how to build both in Elementor.


Template-Driven Content

In module five we take a closer look at template-driven content.

You’ll discover what it is, when to use it, how it can make future maintenance massively quicker, and, crucially, how it can stop clients from breaking your designs.

By the end of this module you’ll know how to create single page templates, single post templates, post archive templates, taxonomy archives, and alternative versions of all these templates for various different use cases.

After module five, you’ll have the key to producing websites that are quicker to make, easier to update and maintain, and easier for your clients to use.


The Next Level

By this point, you’ll have a super-solid foundation and the ability to build beautiful, dynamic websites quickly and profitably. In module 6, what you learn will take your websites to a whole new level.

You’ll learn how to use custom post types, custom fields custom taxonomies, and hooks, to deliver all kinds of potentially complex requirements, your client could ask for, and with total confidence.


Go Live

In this, the final module, you’ll learn the essential tricks for managing and maintaining plugins for the fewest headaches in future.

Discover how to easily rescue your site from dreaded plugin update disasters!

I’ll show you how to properly manage adding users to your WordPress sites, to ensure they can only see and do what YOU want them to.

Finally, you’ll learn the best and easiest way to make your sites live, without destroying your client’s search engine rankings (yes, it happens ALL the time).

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll in No Stress WordPress

No Stress WordPress 2.0 Online Course

Six easy to implement, highly actionable video modules that will help you navigate your WordPress tech hurdles and free you up to be as creative as possible when using Elementor.

Facebook Community

Complementary access to the No Stress WordPress Private Facebook Community. My students tell me membership to this community is worth as much — if not more — than the investment for No Stress WordPress alone!

2 Live Q&A Coaching calls

Opportunity to get all your questions answered during 2 live Q & A coaching calls.

Are you ready for No Stress WordPress 2.0?

I created No Stress WordPress so you can get all the support and mentorship you need to build WordPress websites 5x faster, with zero confusion and maximum confidence.

When you enrol in No Stress WordPress, you’ll no longer waste hours of income generating time trawling through millions of YouTube tutorials and trying to piece together a solution to your WP conundrums.

You’ll no longer be working around the clock to serve your clients because you ran into roadblocks with one project and the time you allotted bled into the next.

And you’ll no longer feel anxious, exposed and like you have to figure absolutely everything out all by yourself.

No Stress WordPress
is right for you if…

You’re creative and highly visual but not a coder (and you have zero desire to be one.)​

You love the elegance and simplicity of drag-n-drop page builders like Elementor but your projects slow down or grind to halt whenever you’re floored by a wider WordPress issue.

You’re confused, frustrated, and tired of wasting hours watching YouTube tutorials that already presume you have a certain level of WordPress knowledge, or don’t quite provide the answers you were looking for.​

You want the confidence to say “yes” to any project, the knowledge to capably advise your clients, and the ability to design fully functional, highly responsive websites that create seamless user experiences on behalf of your clients.

You’ve been using WordPress for a while but want to cut your development time down significantly so you can take on more clients or spend more time with your family and friends.

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