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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches & Consultants (v2.0) & Bonus Bundle

  • Get Access To The Full High-Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches & Consultants (v2.0) OnLine Live Training – 8 Weekly Modules – Beginning 4 October 2017
  • 5 Program Modules
    • 1. Establish & Install Your Own High-Ticket Mindset, Attitude & Presumption
    • 2. Decide On A Specific High-Ticket Audience
    • 3. Establish A Defined, Achievable Outcome For Your High Ticket Audience
    • 4. Design A Predictable Program To Deliver Your High-Ticket Promise
    • 5. Create An Irresistible “Perfect” Offer To Sell The High-Ticket Program To Your Audience
  • Bonus Modules
    • Bonus Module One: Your First Small Program Together That Generates $2000 In 30 Days
    • Bonus Module Two: Build Your High-Ticket Outreach Campaign
    • Bonus Module Three: Enroll People And Deliver Your High-Ticket Program
  • The Bonus Bundle Material:
    • TCP | The Complete Package Digital Training Package ($347)
    • Secrets of Wealth Attraction Success 2-Hr. HD Video ($99)
    • Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies ($97)
    • Full Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies Program ($997)
    • INFLUENCE! Full Program Recordings ($1997)
  • 2 Months UA Sapphire MasterMind ($1800)

  • Free Ticket To The “2018 Kick-Ass Consulting Bootcamp”($4500)

  • Private Social Network

  • Private Discussion Group

HACKING PERCEPTION – Part 1: Constructing Your Worldview

JOIN ME FOR MY NEXT 2-HOUR WEBCAST … Discover how the way you perceive the world around you determines the life yo…

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Secrets of Wealth Attraction Success LIVE!

WARNING: You have been LIED TO, CHEATED, & OUTRIGHT CONNED about what it really takes to attract vast wealth and…

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Kick Ass Consulting Strategies

Kick-Ass Consulting℠ Strategies: “Kick-Ass Consulting℠ Strategies” is for people who are committed, people who are r…

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Writing Your Life – The Penultimate Truth

Writing Your Life … The Weekend Event …is specificially designed by me to provoke a profound trans…

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Using Somatic Metaphors

Take Control Of Your Experience And Learn How To Communicate Effectively And Influence Others Using Somatic Me…

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The Art of Influence

The Most Misunderstood Art …Most people think about influence as “something you do to other people” or “making peop…

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The Art of Story

Story is the essence of how we know ourselves and the world about us to be … when we understand our story, we under…

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MSE | MythoSelf (re)Evolved … London, UK: November 15-17, 2019

Presented by:ABTI | Joseph Riggio International Novotel Hotel, Heathrow Airport, UK 72 Hours Only!Early-Bird Savin…

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EPC2 | Coaching & Consulting Certification Training Program Highlights

  EARLY-BIRD OFFER: EPC2 | Coaching & ConsultingCertification Highlights   EPC2 Certification …

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GETTING UNSTUCK & BREAKING THROUGH 2019 completely revised and expanded … Webinar Early-Bird SPEC…

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Get all seven program modules delivered live via online webinars, with Q. & A. sessions afterwards, and complete …

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Designer Swish Patterns 2019

Experience Profound Transformational Change With Joseph Riggio –  Regular Investment: $647; Simulcast & Rec…

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Architecting Transformational Change with Dr. Joseph Riggio

“Your Future Is In Your Hands …” How many times have you heard that, or something like that in your li…

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Communication Mastery 2020

Save $250!Communication Mastery Early Bird Offeronly $747 for the entire package! [The regular investment for Commun…

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MSE | Experience … RE-IMAGINED! 30/31 May 2020

Join Joseph for a LIVE Two-Day Online Event … 30/31 May 2020 This is an amazing VIP Insider’s Only opportunity to …

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Discover how the way you perceive the world around you determines the life you are living and what you can do about i…

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Audacious Coaching Webinar Series … A MythoSelf Based Approach

$1497 Regular Investment Save $500 when you register by 11:59PM/22:59 New York Time, 30 June 2020  Single …

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Secrets Of A Master | The Sacred Art of Utter and Complete Bullshit

Join Joseph for the first webinar in a series of six webinars where he’ll share the secrets he learned sitting at the…

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Thursday Mytho Nights

When I woke up this morning I had no plans to offer what I am about to offer you. By the time you are done reading th…

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