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A Silly 9-page Book is Making a Killing on Amazon

Even Bad Reviews Can’t Stop It

You all know I love Short Content

I love Amazon Short Reads

I love Micro-Content


Because a person can start with nothing… 

And begin making money very quickly

No writing experience needed

No investment required

And Short Content means you will finish the project

Launch it

And get paid

I’ve seen people try to write a 300-page book

But they run out of steam

Life gets in the way

They never finish the book

That NEVER happens with Micro-Content

With extremely short content…

You WILL finish the project

Upload it

And get your royalties rolling

Let’s take a look at some very short content

How about a 9-page book?

Yes, just NINE pages

Here you go:

This book is generating over $5k a month

How can such a short book do this?

I will tell you exactly how…

Something I call Power Niches

These are niches where people are thirsty

They MUST HAVE what you are selling

And they want it NOW

If you launch in the right niche…

You can sell EXTREMELY short content

And people will gladly pay for it

It’s all about the niche

This is the beauty of Micro-Content

Customers want it SHORT and to the point

We are giving them exactly what they want

And they are paying us quite well

Very few authors know about these niches

And the few authors that do know…

Are making an absolute killing

(They have almost ZERO competition)

I give you the exact Power Niches

I show you exactly what’s selling

And I link you to FREE content

So you can assemble your own Micro-Content

And start selling immediately

These niches are EVERGREEN

That means they are always in demand

You don’t have to do any promotion

Your Micro-Content just keeps selling

I also give you multiple stores to sell your content

(Not just Amazon)

So you can create your own Sales Net

And multiply your royalty streams

You have absolutely NO TIME?

I also link you to Outsourcers

So you avoid the hassles

But still get your royalty streams built

This works for fiction and nonfiction

This training consists of one concise PDF

There are no upsells

You get everything you need

To launch Micro-Content quickly

And profit from it

If you are not making significant royalties yet…

I urge you to START HERE

Start with Micro-Content

You can do this very quickly

And get your royalty streams flowing NOW

UPDATE: People are so shocked by the success of this tiny little book, that they are all asking me the same question: “Paul, is this real? This can’t be real!” So I counted the pages of her book by hand. At the default Kindle app font, her book is exactly 11 pages long. So it’s not 9 pages, it’s 11 pages. She probably added a little content after she launched. Or it may simply depend upon which device you are using to view her book. Either way, it’s an extremely short book.

UPDATE 2: This little book was published a year ago. It generates between $3k and $7k a month. We can safely assume that it has been a happy year for the author!

UPDATE 3: She has positive reviews and she has negative reviews. But NOT ONE review complains about the length of her book. Not even one. This shows us once again that it’s not the length of the book that counts. What counts is giving people exactly what they want.

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