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Mastering Book Publishing

A Proven Step-By-Step System For Publishing Books On Amazon

“Discover A Proven, Step-By-Step System On How To Ethically

Make Money From Home By Publishing Books On Amazon”
Without Shady Marketing Tactics And Even If, You’re Not An Author Or Sold Anything Online

From The Laptop Of Stefan James

Dear Friend,

We are living in unprecedented times right now.

Businesses are going under, and millions of people have lost their jobs, with likely more on the way.

As if that’s not enough, there’s a good chance a global recession will follow.

That means businesses will be tightening further on spending, which means fewer job opportunities.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there have been 17 recessions in the past 100 years, and they’ve found that an economic recession could be as long as 3.5 years.

So the question is this: What have you done to prepare yourself?

I believe that when there is crisis there is also opportunity.

While the majority of businesses are suffering, there is one market that’s expanding rapidly…

…Amazon Book Publishing!

Why? Because people still read A LOT of books! And a big chunk of sales now happen online through Amazon.
Amazon is dominating the whole industry… 
And on top of that, revenues from e-book sales jumped from $2.31 billion in 2011 to $8.69 billion in 2019. Making it even harder for traditional bookstores to compete with Amazon.
Reading e-books is more comfortable for most people.
You can simply download as many e-books as you want to a single Kindle e-book Reader and take it with you wherever you go.
That’s why I believe this can also be an amazing opportunity for ordinary people like you and me…
Even if you’re not an author or sold anything online before!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could take advantage of this amazing opportunity?
Over the years I’ve seen many people crushing it on Amazon, making thousands and thousands of dollars, with the exact same methods I’m going to show you today.
If you apply these methods the right way, you’ll see incredible results.
Take Kathryn, one of my successful students, as an example.
This Is NOT For Everyone
Stop reading if you’re looking for another…

❌ 3-Step formula to “make money on autopilot”

❌ “System” to get rich quick on Amazon while you sleep
❌ Course on “how to make $1,000,000 fast”
You’ve seen these ads on YouTube and Facebook, right?
It’s promises like these, by some unethical gurus out there that cause people to invest their time and hard earned money into false promises that never materialize…
But that’s not how this works… 
I have never seen someone create sustainable success from doing nothing.
On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest 3-5 hours a week to learn what it takes… then my friend, this opportunity can help you create the life you want and deserve.
I truly believe that you can get what you want in life. And I’m going to help you on your way…
But I don’t believe you get something for nothing.
You have to put in some time and energy.
That’s how I built my online businesses and that’s the only way it works.
So if you agree with me on that, you can continue reading…

It All Started Back In 2011

When I first started my journey towards trying to figure out how to make money online, Amazon book publishing was how I got my first taste of success and built the foundation for everything I have today.

I first stumbled into this trying to figure out how to make money online through blogging.

Back then, everyone was saying how important it was to have a blog…
You could write a post, bring people to your site, build an audience, and make money through ads, affiliate products, or by selling your own e-books.
So I built a blog and spent a lot of time getting everything just right.
But it still wasn’t making any money…
So one day I took all my blog content and compiled an e-book and put it on my website, just to see if anyone would be interested in buying the e-book for $10.
I didn’t expect to make any money.
Well, I was wrong…
I started with 3 sales per week, making me $30. The week after that it doubled, and soon I made my first $100 with only ONE e-book!
I know, $100 doesn’t seem like a lot of money…
But for me, it changed EVERYTHING! 
I created more and more books, and soon was able to cover my monthly living expenses.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as I would’ve liked. I had A LOT of hassles getting started…
I had to set up new websites, rank my sales pages on Google, drive traffic, and write my own sales page copy, and more.  It was A LOT of work!
Then I Discovered 
Amazon Book Publishing
Amazon made it easy for me to sell books and scale my business.
There was no longer any need to drive traffic to my website through Google or expensive Facebook ads.
Why? Because each month more than 2.2 billion people around the world visit  And unlike Google, people visit Amazon not to find new information… but to spend money!
Amazon already has most people’s credit cards stored on their website and their “One-Click” buy option makes it easy for people to buy books.
People also trust Amazon more than websites they don’t know.
According to Forbes,  89% of consumers are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other e-commerce sites.”
Not only that, but Amazon also makes it super easy for ANYONE to publish a book on their platform.
All you need is a text document and a book cover.
You can upload both in a few minutes, hit publish and within 24 hours have a book on Amazon available for sale, starting to make you money.
You don’t have to ship inventory from China to the US, you don’t have to pay storage costs, you don’t have to set up your own website, and you don’t have to spend months or years developing a high-income skill.
As you can imagine, as soon as I discovered Amazon Book Publishing… I immediately published ALL of my books on Amazon.
Within my first week I made $147, the week after I made $273, than $512…
I published more books in  a similar niche… and BOOOM!
In only a few short months, I made more than $4,000 on Amazon
… And Then I Realized I’m Finally FREE!
I was now making passive income on autopilot while I slept at night… which changed EVERYTHING for me.
I was able to pay my bills with ease, travel the world living the “laptop lifestyle” and have the freedom to spend my time however I’d choose.
Let me ask you… how would your life be if you could do the same?
Because over the years, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people like YOU do the same and start earning their first passive income dollars online.

.Most Of The Publishing Courses Today 

 Are Based On The Methods I Created 
For “K Money Mastery”
My K Money Mastery course started the whole trend helping people quickly and easily tap into the Amazon Book Publishing revenue stream.
People started talking about my course and over the years more and more succeeded with Amazon Book Publishing.
However, over the years a lot has been changed on Amazon since I launched K Money Mastery.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to just pick a random niche on Amazon, write a book, slap a cover on it, and have success.

Those days are finally over now.
Unfortunately, most of the methods and techniques that worked then, don’t work anymore.
A lot of newbies who blindly follow these outdated techniques fail with Amazon.
That’s why I decided to create a brand-new course, where I’ll teach you the latest and most cutting edge strategies that have worked for my most successful students.

If You’re Looking To Get Started,
You Have Two Options…

First, you can watch outdated YouTube videos on how to publish books on Amazon.

And maybe you have some kind of luck with it. Maybe you find good advice… but probably not.
Or second, you learn the latest and best strategies from someone who has a PROVEN track record…
…Someone who has been in the book publishing business for over 9 years and has helped thousands of ordinary people start making passive income online.
Are you ready to skip the line and get immediate access to the latest and most cutting edge Amazon Book Publishing training on the market?  

Mastering Book Publishing gives you immediate access to the best,

up-to-date strategies, tactics, and information for building
a highly profitable publishing empire on Amazon.

What I cover inside Mastering Book Publishing is ground-breaking. I’ve put it together in such a simple and easy way that anyone can learn how to do it quickly without getting bogged down, and so you can get that magical momentum by following the steps.
What makes the difference between success and failure? After working with thousands of people from all over the world I believe MINDSET is the most important aspect of success.
In addition to 12 powerful mindset shifts that will set you up for success, you’ll master the strategy of publishing profitable books on Amazon.
  • The Online Business Mastery Blueprint – Discover The 6 Crucial Steps To Help You Understand How To Build A Successful Online Business With Book Publishing.
  • ​The Publishing Mastery Mindset – You’ll Learn How To Adopt The Winning Mindset That Separates The Top 1% From The Rest Of The Pack.
  • ​The Publishing Mastery Blueprint – Discover The Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Publishing Books On Amazon From Scratch, So That You Can Start Earning Passive Income While You Sleep.
  • The Publishing Mastery Manifesto – Review And Live By This Creed Daily To Become A Confident And Unstoppable Force In The Self-Publishing Industry.
  • ​My Goal Setting Workshop That Will Set You Up For Success And Allow You To Build Momentum Quickly.

You’ll get crystal clear on what books to publish on Amazon, even if you’re at a complete loss for ideas right now. In this module, you’ll discover how to brainstorm and research profitable book niches and keywords on Amazon, as well as my proven criteria.

  • ​​How Amazon Book Publishing Works – This Lesson Will Give You An Overview On What You Need To Do So You Can Publish Your First Book The Quickest And Fastest Way Possible.
  • ​How To Find Highly Profitable Niches On Amazon – You’ll Create A List Of Profitable Niche Ideas For Your Book Publishing Opportunities.
  • Discover The Most Effective Way To Find High Demand Book Niches And Keywords To Target On Amazon That Will Bring You The Most Traffic And Sales.
  • My Hack For Doing Keyword Research In Just MINUTES Instead Of Days.
  • ​Criteria For Choosing A Profitable Book Niche – You Will Run Your List Of Niche Ideas Through A Filtering Process And Pick The Best Niche That Will Increase Your Chances Of Success.

In this module you’re going to discover how to create a quality book that sells, even if you’re not an author. I’ll show you exactly how to create an attention-grabbing title and cover that makes people want to buy your book.

After using these methods and done properly, you’ll have a quality book that has the potential to provide you with a consistent stream of passive income.
  • ​My Fool-Proof Method For Designing, Creating And Naming Your Book So It Attracts Tons Of Clicks And Sales.
  • ​​My Step-By-Step Process To Find Professional Ghostwriters That Will Write Your Book For You.
  • ​Watch Over-The-Shoulder A Simple Process For Formatting Your Book With Kindle Create So That Your Book Looks Professional And Is Ready To Be Published.
  • ​How To Avoid Violating Trademarks – You’ll Learn How To Protect You And Your Business From Legal Problems That Arise From Using Trademarks In Your Books.

Your niche has been chosen, the book has been created and you’re ready to launch.  How do you now successfully launch it to the most people possible?

This module will go over the steps you to get your book off your computer and onto Amazon’s virtual shelves, ready for eager readers to buy.

My launch strategy will ensure your book gets maximum exposure the moment you’re ready so you can ride the momentum up the ranks and then repeat it again for multiple sources of income.
  • ​I Walk You Through The Process Of Setting Up Your KDP Account And Publishing Your Very First Kindle And Paperback Book.
  • ​Step-By-Step Guide For Turning Your Kindle Book Into A Paperback Book For An Additional Income Stream.
  • ​How To Setup An Amazon Author Central Account And Author Page That Presells Your Book, Builds Trust, And Establishes Credibility.
  • ​The Right Way To Launch Your Book For Long-Term Success.
  • ​Develop And Prepare The Marketing Strategy For Your Book Launch.

Most authors and publishers stop promoting after the launch, but you’ll be armed with my proven techniques to prime the pump and promote your book, gather valuable reviews and discover ways to profit even more from your books.

  • ​How To Set Up A Free Book Promotion So You Can Leverage Amazon’s Marketing Power And Promote Your Book For Free.
  • ​How To Scale Your Profits With Amazon Ad Campaigns So You Can Double Or Triple Your Profits.
  • ​​How To Get Amazon Reviews So That You Can Increase Your Rankings On Amazon While Simultaneously Converting More People Into Buyers.
  • ​7 Ways To Profit More From Your Book And Further Increase Sales So You Can Leverage Your Online Business.

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