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Zero-Resistance Sales
Have Arrived!

Hi, my name’s Bob Ross and I sell local marketing services full-time in the trenches just like you.

If you’re like me, you:

  • Usually fail when trying to “educate” prospects
  • Can’t stand offering the same things everyone else is
  • Hate losing out on deals because it’s too much money

If any of that rings true for you too, then you desperately need my help.

Because I’m Sharing The
Five “Sparkers” That Kick Those Problems
Straight To The Curb

I’m going to show you how to instantly get prospects genuinely interested in what you’ve got instead of treating you like a pest.

I found that most of the stuff I really wanted to sell (like consulting) was impossible to prospect for because it’s just too hard to sell things that are complex, involved, or expensive to cold prospects.

Enter … Sparkers!

By putting together these self-working, super affordable, unique, and highly intriguing services, I’ve been able to rope new clients in at speeds and quantities you’ve probably never dreamed possible.

Now, selling expensive services is leaps and bounds easier because now we have relationships where they actually listen and pay attention.

And you can simply copy everything for yourself!

Trust Me, These “Sparkers” Will Fire Up Even The Coldest Prospects

Five Working, Affordable, Simple, So-easy-it’s-ridiculous,
Marketing Services

Best of all, you won’t have to slog through eight hours of mindless video or open a dozen tiny PDF’s to learn any of it.

I’ve tossed all filler aside and crammed every ounce of actionable material into a highly streamlined manual designed to work immediately.

I’m confident that with just the simple knowledge and resources within,  you’ll transform into one of the most, if not THE most fascinating marketer in your town.

No longer will you struggle to get business owners to comprehend what you’ve got. No longer will you look or sound like every other marketer. Say goodbye to the frustration and humiliation of what you’re used to.

With these sparkers, you’ll have them impressed, excited, and demanding to get things started immediately.

In essence, you’ll be able to actually END YOUR DAYS WITH DEALS for once!

For Example, You’ll Learn These:


Today’s Message

A limitless number of things are possible, but your time and resources are limited. Choose one, and don’t look back.