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Impacting Leaders is Your Path to Become a Respected Executive Coach Who Delivers Powerful Results and ROI for Your Clients

By the end of your 4-Week Quest, you will:

Understand the Science of Transformation

Create phenomenal results for anyone, at any stage of life or business.

Unleash Your Infinite Creative Potential

You won’t be forced to copy other coaches’ techniques. Find out your own “aha’s”, so you can develop your unlimited potential as a coach.

More Impact, Less Effort

Achieve a deep level of transformation within 2-3 days, which conventional coaching techniques would otherwise need 3-6 months to reach.

Go Deeper than You Ever Thought Possible.

Mastering these principles will activate your ability to listen to your clients… deeply. It’s a deep connection that moves the soul even if you don’t say a single word.

Create Your Own Signature Executive Coaching Style

This means you’ll have loads of FUN while creating a HUGE impact.

Elevate Your Impact & Diversify Your Business

With your new-found skills to create an impact that is bigger, faster, and easier, you allow yourself to explore creative coaching packages and diversify who (and how) you serve.

Unlock The Freedom To Live Your Best Life

When you master the high-level skills of executive coaching, you’ll be able to earn premium rates that allow you to enjoy the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Can I Really Become An Executive Coach…
Even If I Don’t Have Any Business Experience
Or Coaching Certifications?

YES! Contrary to what you may have been told, becoming an executive coach doesn’t necessarily require corporate or relevant industry experience  not even a business degree.

The only thing that matters is if you can deliver results.

Think of it like learning a new language.If you’re able to fluently communicate in the new language, nobody is going to ask if you have a degree in the language before they deem you “qualified” to speak. Executive coaching is much the same.

If you can create deep, lasting, transformative results — then you can coach anyone, at any stage of life or business.

The long path to developing the skills of creating deep & transformative results for your clients is through experience. Just like someone who learns a foreign language by immersing themselves in a new country. This process could take years.

The shorter & smarter path is learning the core principles from an expert.

For example, you can start communicating in the new language very quickly. By learning the fundamentals and rule distilled by language experts.
Similarly, for coaching, if you can understand the fundamental principles of bringing transformation with human beings, you’ve just taken the smarter path to gain high-level coaching skills without taking years of experience to “discover” them.

That’s exactly what Michael Neill is going to show you.

Michael’s Impacting Leaders Quest is an insight-based training revealing the fundamental truths of what drives humans, whether they are leaders, executives, CEOs or not.

As you gain insights into what makes humans tick, you’ll unearth your own signature style of coaching and confidence to create your biggest impact as an Executive Coach.

So by the end of your 4-week Impacting Leaders Quest, you’ll have everything you need to become an Executive Coach and embark on a lifetime journey of creating massive impact.

Module 1: Understanding Principles-Based Coaching

Here, you’ll dive straight into discovering the principles of creating transformation.

Highlights include:

  • The difference between executive coaching and consulting
  • How to co-create significant breakthroughs and impact with any client
  • The “flashlight” and “mirror” principles to help high-achievers unleash their infinite creative potential
  • The 11 factors of Emotional fitness and how they contribute to having a sustainable, scalable coaching business.
  • The simplest coaching model in the world (it’s only two steps, but it’s profound)
  • Experiment: An exercise to listen at a deeper level you never thought possible
  • And so much more…

Module 2: The Power of Connection

Next, you’ll discover how to apply the principles of creating transformation to forge deep connection.

Highlights include:

  • The secret sauce of deeply connecting with someone… heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul
  • Understand the difference between great coaching and skilled coaching
  • Learn the different levels of connection between human beings: Surface Connection vs. Soul Connection
  • Experiment: 3 exercises to gain insights which unlock the power of connection
  • Experiment: Applying your ideas in the real world (and just watch what unfolds!)
  • And so much more…

Module 3: How Human Beings Actually Work

To conclude the first week, you’ll learn how to apply the universal science of transformation to create deep, lasting change for your clients.

Highlights include:

  • 3 fundamental principles and truths about how humans work and the universal scientific principles of human behavior and transformation
  • The inside-out understanding (IOU) which unleashes infinite freedom and creativity to how you operate in the world
  • How to address the top concerns of executives and high-impact individuals: VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
  • The bad news and good news of how humans think (and the one thing you need to tap into to shape better thinking and greater transformation)
  • Experiment: Game-changing exercises for Thought, Mind & Consciousness
  • And so much more…

By the end of the first week, you’ll be equipped with fundamental coaching principles that become your shortcut to create deep, lasting transformation with anyone, at any stage of life or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Impacting Leaders For?

Impacting Leaders is for any coach who is ready to step up and create a bigger impact in the world by coaching leaders, CEOs and high-achievers who are at the forefront of influencing people, leading companies, and shaping communities. And it is especially for the coach who cannot wait to drive positive change in the world.

Who Is Impacting Leaders NOT For?

Impacting Leaders is NOT for the person who wants to play small or is not willing to learn a powerful method of coaching leaders, CEOs and high-achieving individuals. It is not for someone who wants to figure out all by themselves, without expert help.

What Kind Of Results Can I Get From Impacting Leaders ?

This 4-week insight-based training with Michael reveals the fundamental truths of human nature and the universal scientific principles of what drives human potential and transformation. What you’ll LOVE about this insight-based training is that it doesn’t tell you to imitate someone else’s coaching style or techniques. The results you can get are as infinite as your own creative potential and entirely unique to your insights.

How Is Insight-Based Learning Different To Traditional Teaching And Study Of Coaching Techniques?

While traditional teaching and study of coaching techniques are based on either adding information to our personal databases or installing new habits or behaviors through repetition and practice, insight-based learning is designed to help you see for yourself what’s true and what isn’t. Whatever you learn via insight is yours for life — because you actually see it, no amount of rationalization or push back from the world can take it away from you. This will help you develop the elusive artistry and ‘X-Factor’ of coaching very few know how to achieve on their own.

Do I Have To Complete This Course With The Community?

Impacting Leaders”is a self-paced course, so you can go at your own pace and there is no obligation to complete the course with the community. However, the advantage of doing it together with the community is you get to share your insights & learn from others at the same time. You get to support each other as you progress, and this can help you achieve faster, more powerful and lasting results.

Can I Start This Program Anytime?

Yes, you can start the Impacting Leaders Quest at a later date. You can take your own time and do it at any 4-week period. The course is designed to deliver transformation even if you do it individually at your own time and pace. You have lifetime access to it.

How Much Time Do I Need To Invest Every Week?

The daily micro-actions we have created for you in this step-by-step journey will only require 10-20 minutes a day for you to see dramatic progress.

Do I Still Have Access To This Program After The 4-Week Quest Is Over (Ie. Lifetime Access)?

Absolutely. Once the 4-week quest is over, you get full lifetime access to every part of it — so you’re free to go through the 4-week process again anytime to solidify the foundation of your coaching ability!

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