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  • This is a new method you’ve never seen before
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  • You don’t need an existing email list to do this
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  • Includes 3 Real Life Case Studies that show you how to make up to $12,609 in less than 30 days
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  • Discover how we ‘jack’ high-ticket affiliate programs for $1,154 commissions
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Tired Of Working Hard,

It’s Not Your Fault!

It’s Really Difficult To Make $10,000+ Per Month Tiny $7 To $27 Affiliate Commissions…

​And That’s Why We’re Focusing On

We’re Able To Bank 5 Figures Per Month With

If You Want To Money Like This,

If You Like The Idea Of Making $1,154 Per Sale

With The Same Effort It Takes To Make A $7 Commission,

​Let’s Assume For A Second Your Average

You would need 100 sales to make $2,700…

371 Sales Can Take A Ton Of Time & Hard Work If You’re New To Affiliate Marketing…

But What If You Didn’t Have To Make 371 Sales?

What if you could make a whopping $10,386 per month with just 9 sales?

That is completely possible with high-ticket sales…

…and when you use the simple high ticket “jacking” method we discovered just a few short months ago…

It doesn’t take much more effort to make a $1,154 sale than it does to make a $27 sale.

We know that may sound a little crazy, but it’s true. Our brand new method flies in the face of all the old, traditional high-ticket affiliate methods that are pretty complicated…

We’re Banking Commission Like This Over And Over
To Be Clear – This Isn’t Like ANY Other High-Ticket Affiliate Method You’ve Seen Before
  • Are really complicated and require you to build a website or a big email list
  • Take weeks or months before you make anything
  • Require you to ‘buy in’ to a system
  • Make it hard to get approved
  • Cost you money in paid traffic to get things off the ground and making you money
Why Our High-Ticket ‘Jacker Method’ Is Better Than Every Other Affiliate Method We’ve Seen Before…
  • You don’t have to bring any prior skills or experience to the table
  • This works even if you’re a total newbie
  • You don’t have to stress about getting approved to high-ticket offers with our method (this is a huge hurdle for most)
  • Our method doesn’t require you to have an email list
  • We’ve discovered how to do this with free traffic
  • Many of our high ticket commissions roll in while we’re sleeping!
  • If you’ve got 30-60 minutes per day, you can use our brand new, never-before-revealed method to bank high ticket commissions of $1,154+

We know this method has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, which is why we’ve bundled everything up into a step-by-step training course that gives you everything you need to start banking high-ticket commissions right away…


High-Ticket Jacker

Inside, you get a complete system for making $1,154 per sale with FREE traffic…

You Get Everything You Need

To Make Your First High-Ticket

Commissions Within 24 Hours

High-Ticket Jacker Step-By-Step Training

  • How to get everything setup in 60 minutes or less so you can start jacking high-ticket commission right away
  • Why this method is faster, easier, and more effective than every other high-ticket affiliate method you’ve seen before
  • The simple FREE traffic method we use with this and how to get the traffic flowing fast… (Don’t worry – No technical skills or anything complicated required to do this)
  • The sneaky method we use to take the FREE traffic you’re getting and ‘jack’ high-ticket affiliate programs for big commissions
  • The easy way to bank multiple $1,154 commissions with just a few minutes of work per day
  • How to automate a lot of this for big fat high-ticket commissions while you sleep
We Must Make It Clear

That You Can Do This Even If

You’re A Total Newbie

Most people think you need to have some experience online or a track record of success to make high-ticket commissions…

​…and traditionally that is the case.

​But inside High-Ticket Jacker, you’ll discover a proven formula that works for ANYONE…

  • You don’t need any prior experience
  • You don’t need to be a known affiliate or have a track record to  do this
  • We’ll show you the best high-ticket commissions to go after
  • And give you an easy-to-follow blueprint for landing high-ticket paydays within 1-2 days from right now… even if you’r think little  a total newbie!

Imagine How Good It Would Feel To Bank $323 Within

Just 3 Simple Steps To Banking High-Ticket Commissions

Step #1

Follow the High-Ticket Jacker training to get things setup in less than 60 minutes

Step #2

Turn on the FREE traffic (It starts coming FAST)

Step #3

Activate the ‘High Ticket Jacker’ and start banking $1,154 commission right away!

People Are LOVING

High-Ticket Jacker…

The Only Question Left To Ask You Is

“What Are You Going To Do With All The High-Ticket Commissions You’ll Be Making?”

Will you…

  • Go on that vacation you’ve been putting off?
  • Pay down some of your bills and finally get caught up?
  • Make a big purchase?
  • Upgrade your car?
  • Get ahead on your house payment or rent?
  • Quit your job and start living life on YOUR terms?
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Because you’re getting access to easy-to-follow training and 3 Real Life Case Studies that will show you exactly how to make $10k per month in your spare time…

…we planned to release this as a small group training course…

Severely limit access…

​And charge no less than $497…

​We still plan to do that, but we started talking and realized that most people out there just can’t afford to spend $497.

​Even though you’d make your investment back fast with this method for landing high-ticket commissions with a few clicks…

​…we decided to make this super affordable for any budget during our initial launch of High-Ticket Jacker.

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​Although we’ve shown you a ton of proof that this works, you really need to see just how easy it is to bank high-ticket commission with this system…

​That’s why we’re giving you a full 30 days to use High-TIcket Jacker with no risk.

Here’s how this works…

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​The only way you can lose is not getting this now.

Here’s A Recap Of Everything
  • High-Ticket Jacker Step-By-Step Training – Actual Value = $497
  • Fast High-Ticket Commissions ‘Cheat Sheet’ – Actual Value = $297
  • 3 Real Life Case Studies – Actual Value = $297
  • Bonus #1 – Actual Value = $497
  • Bonus #2 – Actual Value = $297
  • Bonus #3 – Actual Value = $297

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is High-Ticket Jacker?

Inside, you get a complete system for making $1,154 per sale with FREE traffic, and we’ll show you how to quickly scale things up to $5,000 per month… $10,000 per month… and beyond!

Q. What’s included in High-Ticket Jacker?
  • High-Ticket Jacker Step-By-Step Training
  • Fast High-Ticket Commissions ‘Cheat Sheet’
  • 3 Real Life Case Studies
  • Bonus #1
  • Bonus #2
  • Bonus #3
Q. Does this work for newbies?

Yes it does. You don’t need any prior skills or experience to make money with High-Ticket Jacker.

Q. How much money can I make with the methods revealed inside High-Ticket Jacker?

You’ll discover a simple method for banking $759.52 right out of the gates…

Then we’ll show you how to build-up to $2,224.90 within a week or so…

…and then you’ll see us take High-Ticket Jacker to the next level and scale-up to $12,609.28 and beyond!

Q. Does this include a FREE traffic method?

Yes, this method uses a simple FREE traffic method that actually works and it’s super easy to implement.

Q. Is there money back guarantee?

Yes, you get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you.

Q. Why do I need to get High-Ticket Jacker Now?

The price is going up and the bonuses are only available when you get this now!

Q. How do I lock-in the lowest price possible on High-Ticket Jacker?

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  • This is also a great ‘cheat sheet’ for referring back to if you ever have a question or need a quick reminder.

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