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Growth hacking can impact every aspect of your business, not just revenue growth. As you’ll quickly see inside the course.

From increased media exposure, joint venture opportunities, or even just discouraging your competition as they see the sudden growth you’re experiencing, growth hacking benefits in more ways than one. That’s why even “freemium” SaaS companies can use it so successfully. Nothing gets your story out there like rapid growth.

From the very first video we will reveal a world to you which may have been hidden before. He’ll take you behind the scenes of some of the most successful growth hacking case studies and show you exactly how you can model them, no matter the industry you’re in.

Through his weekly show Growth Hacker TV, Bronson Taylor has learned the trade secrets of hundreds of some of the most well respected “hackers” in the world.

“Bronson Taylor has the antidote for the hype.”

In an industry where it’s easy to shout big growth promises and somehow get away with only delivering small whispers, Bronson is one of the few who actually walks the walk of a true and veteran growth hacker.

He actually delivers on the hype.
From the thousands of people I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with at Foundr, there’s no one quite like Bronson Taylor.
That’s because it seems like his entire life and his every waking thought relentlessly revolves around one main thing…GROWTH.


  • ​  Is this a technical course? Do I have to know how to code?
Awesome question! While many companies like Dropbox, Airbnb or Uber leveraged programmers to carry out specific growth hacking tactics, there are tons more tactics and case studies in the course that require ZERO programming! Things like launching effective lead magnets or going viral on social media.

So programming is definitely not required, nor is any technology background. All you need is an openness to learn and experiment, and we’ll show you the rest in this course.
  • ​  Does this work for ecommerce and physical products-based businesses?
Without question YES! Bronson himself used growth hacking to scale his boot laces company, Rhino Laces, to 7-figures! Ecommerce, digital services, info products, SaaS products…it works for all of it! Once you dive into the material you’ll see exactly what we mean.
  • ​  My family has a brick-n-mortar business, will this work for them?
To be honest, the course was created for any business who uses digital media or is an online business. If your parents’ company is strictly offline, maybe it’s not the best fit for growth hacking? You definitely can growth hack an offline business, but the way you’ll achieve exponential growth is through online channels using the strategies and tactics we show you in this course.

If you’re still unsure, keep in mind that you’re completely covered by our 365-day guarantee. If you complete the course, implement the teachings and you still don’t see any results within 365 days of purchasing the course, we’ll give you a full refund!
  • ​  Is this something I can hand over to my team and have them go through it?
We always build our courses with busy business owners in mind. It’s extremely actionable and could easily be handed off to someone on your team to execute, so you can skill up your very own growth hacker. That’s how we use it in-house as well : )
  • ​  What does growth hacking cover?
It covers 70 tactics (over 30 lessons) that you can use to start growth hacking your business right away including push tactics, pull tactics, product tactics, activation and retention tactics. It also shows you ways to run scientific experiments in your business that lead to growth. For the detailed course lessons, scroll to the section “EVERYTHING YOU’LL GET IN THE GROWTH HACKING PLAYBOOK…”
  • ​  Does this work for any type of business, or only tech products?
Bronson Taylor has literally growth hacked businesses in every category: physical products (indestructible shoelaces), SaaS products, ebooks, courses, service-based consulting businesses, and over a thousand businesses. He’s applied this growth hacking framework to all of them.
  • ​  Do I need any prior knowledge in order to succeed with the course? 
All you need in order to crush it with this course is an open mind, a willingness to learn and take action, and an openness to experimenting. There is no “perfect” copy-paste growth hacking template. It’s different for every business. That said, with the system that Bronson teaches in this course, you will be able to pick out which tactics are going to work for your specific business and niche, and by the end, you’ll have a strategic growth plan of attack, ready to start executing.
  • ​  I’ve taken some online courses before that were inspiring, but not as actionable. What makes this one different?
Like all Foundr courses, the Growth Hacking Playbook is extremely actionable and battle-tested. No fluff. No filler. Every video lesson has an action item to accompany it, so you can actually roll up your sleeves and turn that flat-line graph into an exponential hockey-stick growth curve. The course features 30+ tactical lessons that you can implement for your business right away. Foundr courses never stop at inspiration – we’ve spent countless hours in production to ensure that you can apply these learnings to your business!
  • ​  Do I need to have a business already?
The course is technically designed for people who already have a business and are looking to grow. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, cofounders of startups, or even larger teams who are hitting a wall with your growth and need to figure out how to get past the hump. But if you are still in the planning or product development stages of your business, or perhaps you’re authoring a book or teaching an online course and you’d like to growth-hack the upcoming launch, or you’re planning to develop a SaaS or tech product and you want to blast through the gate guns blazing when it finally comes time to launch, this course will definitely provide tonnes of valuable insights, tactics and actionable ideas that you can arm yourself to growth-hack your initial launch.

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