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What Makes Golden Ticket

Different And 5X More Effective

Than ANY Other Online Income System

There are many methods for making money online.

Many different methods for making money offline.

Golden Ticket is the 1st EVER system that combines the best of both online

AND offline marketing methods for making completely passive income …

and it’s never been shared before.

Don’t worry – you WON’T be knocking on doors or meeting people in person.

The ‘offline’ component simply connects you with a massive buying audience

that most internet marketers never reach …

Meaning MASSIVE untapped profit potential for you.

The Core Of Golden Ticket –

FREE Traffic That PAYS YOU

Paul and I have revolutionized multiple free online traffic methods …

But didn’t know how much money we were leaving on the table until we met Shaun.

Shaun brings a WHOLE new level of targeted traffic to the table –

consumers with money to spend RIGHT NOW.

Combining these free traffic methods with simple, monetized pages …

That we show you EXACTLY how to set up …

Brings you massive amounts of targeted users for consistent daily commissions.

No List?

NO Problem … You Don’t Need One

Many online systems say you need a massive email list or social media following.

Others want you to create videos, heaps of content & non-stop blog posts.

Golden Ticket works without any of this hassle.

Simply by LEVERAGING existing online giants that do the selling FOR you.

You’ve got one job – send a bit of traffic – and we’ll show you how.

From there, these corporate sales machines will close the deal

and send YOU commissions.

Keeping It Simple AND


We’ve kept this method to ourselves for a LONG time.

Why? Because most people wouldn’t believe it could actually be SO EASY

to profit online, with so few moving parts.

But now that we’ve got over 2 years of verifiable proof … up to hundreds per day in commissions with less than 20 minutes ‘maintenance’ time …

It’s only fair to share this point & click simple system.


  • How to be up, running and in profit in as little as 72 hours from right now
  • Why Golden Ticket is more effective than ANY other so-called ‘make money online’ system
  • How to quickly get fast and free traffic that converts – UNIQUE method for the Golden Ticket system
  • How to quickly make 3+ figures per day with this easily repeatable method
  • How to create MULTIPLE passive income streams from a SINGLE page – we’ll walk you thru this powerfully effective ‘profit multiplier’
  • BEST PART? How to KEEP the income coming in long term in just a few short minutes per day.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Golden Ticket all about?

A. It’s a UNIQUE twist on making passive online commissions from an unlimited market. It combines proven FREE traffic strategies with simple monetized pages to make you the highest possible commissions in the shortest possible time.

Q. What Do I Get With My Access?


  • The complete step-by-step, over the shoulder video series taking you from scratch to profits
  • The ‘From Zero To $643 In 7 Days’ Case Study
  • The Golden Ticket Toolbox sharing the specific tools we personally use to get the best results
  • Our custom traffic domination strategies
  • AND – when you act now – ALL bonuses to take your results to the next level

Q. Is Golden Ticket For Me?

A. IF you’ve ever struggled to make money online, or have been burned by ‘overhyped claims’ in the past …

OR you’re already a successful marketer looking for the fastest & easiest way to create multiple income streams …

Then yes, Golden Ticket is DEFINITELY for you.

Q. Is This REALLY As Beginner Friendly As You Say?

A. It sure is! Shawn – the creator – had ZERO online skills when he built this system. He literally taught himself how to set this up from scratch.

The guy’s a self-confessed technophobe – so he’s made this method step-by-step simple. Just follow along on screen, do what he does … and you’ll be all set!

Q. How Soon Can I Expect Results?

A. This will vary based on niche selection and each person’s individual effort.

However – we’ve had MANY students generate commissions within 3 days … then maintain that passive income over the long term.

Q. Will I Need To Pay For Traffic?

A. Not a penny! The entire Golden Ticket method is built around a powerful, 100% free traffic strategy that [shock alert] actually works!

Q. Can This Method Get Saturated?

A. Impossible. Unlike methods that ‘limit’ you to the IM niche, this is wide open. You’ll connect with buyers in dozens of niches to generate passive income with practically zero competition.

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