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Introducing: Everyday Profit Sniper

  • How I Earn $500+ consistantly day after day
  • First commission payment in as little as 48 hours
  • On-demand ‘niche sniper’ traffic sources
  • Full copy and paste Profit Sniper sales funnels
  • Case study from ground zero to $500/day
  • No previous experience needed… free software does all the work.

This is unlike anything you have seen before

Everyday Profit Sniper is the system I use to drive traffic and sales into my online business that has earned me millions of dollars over the past 5 years.

I have NEVER revealed these niche offers, sales funnels, or traffic sources before except to a handful of high ticket coaching students ( you’ll see their results below).

This system is NOT about:

  • NO SEO – Search traffic is unpredictable and slow. It puts you at the mercy of Google and your entire business can be shut down by one whimsical change of their search algorithm.
  • NO Facebook ads, banner ads or PPC – Buying ads is expenisve and with 40% of browsers intalling ad blockers, online advertising is only going to get more competative and expensive.
  • NO selling offline clients – No need to speak to anyone, send spammy messages to business owners, or begging clients for a check. Everyday Profit Sniper is a 100% online program.
  • NO selling ecommerce products – No need to buy and warehouse products form China or deal with complicted Amazon stores.
  • NO investing in Crypto currencies or penny stocks – Sure some people get rich quick investing in risky assets, but the vast majority lose all of their investment.

Best of all, Everday Profit Sniper uses free software to generate traffic and sales so no technical experience is required.

Everyday profit Sniper sites use an unusual sales funnel to to generate sales daily.

Instead of SEO, this system uses a reliable, but little used traffic source that I call ‘Niche Sniper’ traffic. You’ll learn how to flood your sites with this targeted traffic on demand later in this letter…

Each Everyday Profit Sniper website sells digital affiliate products for a 75% commission. The best part is that most affiliate networks have an immediate payout.

That means your commission is paid direct to your bank or PayPal account just minutes after a sale is made.

3-steps to creating your first
Everyday Profit Sniper

Step 1: Choose the right niche product to promote

90% of affiliate marketers make no money because the are promoting the WRONG product in the WRONG niche on the WRONG affilaite network.

With Everyday Profit Sniper, you’re not only getting the fool-proof formula that I use to pick my niches and products…

I’m going to flat out give you a list of products to promote that are currently earning $500/day ( in fact you can see some of the niche products below in this letter)…

Step 2: Build your Everyday Profit Sniper site in 35 minutes

It takes about 35 minutes to set up your first Everyday Profit Sniper site using FREE software on a FREE webhost.

These sites are designed for one thing only: To put visitors into a proven sales funnel that has them buying affiliate products over and over again depositing affilaite commissions into your bank account.

Don’t let their simplicity fool you… This is a sales funnel has been developed over the last 5 years to extract as much money from every visitor as possible.

Step 3: Use the on-demand ‘Niche Sniper’ traffic sources to flood your sites with buyers

Everyday Profits Sniper uses a highly targeted traffic source that can be turned on on demand.

This souce will send hungry buyers to your sites, and is available for almost every niche.

Follow along in the included guide and you start seeing traffic in about 24 hours ( find out how much traffic in my Google Stats below).

Warning: Picking the wrong niche or
affiliate product will kill your commissions

It doesn’t take a lot of traffic to earn money with Everyday Profit Sniper IF you choose the right niche, and the right affilaite product to promote.

The affiliate products you will be promoting range in price $5 to over $100, however each customer will spend about $200 by the time they are through the funnel.

At a 75% commission that means you earn $150 for each customer your Everday Profit Sniper makes. It only takes 3-4 sales per day to average $500 in net commissions.

Everyday Profit Sniper sites are
simple 3-page sales funnels

These sites are NOT designed to rank in Google, send push notifications, get social media shares, or anything fancy.

They are designed to turn visitors into repeat buyers of affiliate products and they do it with ruthless efficiency by eliminating all other distractions.

Each site produces immediate high ticket affilite commission AND captures email leads from every conversion:

The only traffic source you will ever need
Hint: It’s not Google )

My Everyday Profit Sniper Sites rarely show up in search engines and you’ll never see them advertised on Facebook or Instagram.

SEO is a random crap shoot, risking your entire livelihood on Google’s whimsical algorithm changes that can have you on the first page of Google one day… To not even appearing in results the next.

Ad blockers have been making online advertising unprofitable. A recent GlobalWebIndex survey shows that 40% of users use ad blockers, along with 22% of mobile users… a number that is climbing fast. Heck, even I use them to block out annoying ads online.

Intead I’ve been using a direct marketing traffic source for YEARS that is not affected by ad blockers, not dependant on dancing to the whims of Google, is available in any niche, and can send a flood of traffic on demand when you want it:

How will earning a 6 figure income
affect your life?

Tapped out careerwise or just hate your day job?

Earn enough to quit and fire your boss!

Debt piling up, bill collectors calling?

Reality check: Debt consolidation, ‘cutting back’ expenses, and credit repair is NOT the answer.

Earning more money is the only way to get out of the cycle of debt so you can go to bed everynight in peace and wake up in the morning EXCITED about how your life is growing.

Relationships on the rocks?

What would a vacation with your family do for your relationship wth them? How about a second honeymoon?

Or what if you just had less stress, and more free time to spend with your friends, spouse, and kids?

Health issues holding you back?

How will your health improve if you got rid of all the stress that money problems cause in your life?

What if you had more time for fun energetic hobbies that got you out and exercising?

And if a REAL medical problem happened, do you have the finances to get the best help money can buy?

It’s time you earn the income and live the life you deserve


Q: Does Everyday Profit Sniper work outside the U.S.?

A: YES! You can earn affilaite commissions from anywhere in the world. Most affiliate networks will pay out in any local currency.

Q: Is there any upsell or OTO?

A: Everything you need to get started earning money is included in this program. NO Additional purchase is needed to make money! After purchasing you will have the option of buying additional programs to help you grow your business, yet these are only needed if you want to grow your business beyond 6-figures.

Q: Can I get private coaching?

A: Yes! I will partner with you and help you launch a product of your own similar to this one. The cost of this coaching program is $2,500. If you are interested (and can afford my fee) shoot me an email and I will give you all the details:

Q: How much money can I make with Everyday Profit Sniper?

A: There is no guarantee you will make any money when selling affiliate products online, in fact most folks don’t make any money at all because they take little action and give up quickly.

That said, my coaching students have been earning anywhere from a few thousand dollars per month to over 7 figures a year. It all depends on how much effort you put in, and how strictly you stick to the training.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Each affiliate program in this course pays out in a different way. Some will pay you immediately after every sale into your PayPal account, while others will pay you a lump sum into your bank account 30-60 days after sales are made.

Q:How fast can I get paid?

A: How fast you can get paid depends on how much action you take. You can earn your first commission direct into your PayPal account within 48 hours IF you get started immediately and promote an affiliate program that offers immediate payouts (detailed in the course).

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