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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Essential Business Templates for Copywriters

Handle Every Project Like a Pro from Start to Finish With These Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business

Successful writers know building a great copy career involves more than simply writing good copy.

You also need to be able to interact with your clients like a professional and properly manage the administrative and “business end” of all your projects.

And the fastest way to ensure you look like a pro, right from the start, is with AWAI’s newest toolkit, Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business.

From day one, you’ll have every business-critical document and ready-to-use template working copywriters need, including:

6 Project Management Templates

  • New Prospect Intake Checklist to get every essential detail from new prospects before sending over that crucial first proposal.
  • Fee Schedule so you always negotiate project pricing professionally and profitably.
  • Project Proposal Template that not only gives your prospect a price, but a solid reason to hire you every time.
  • Project Terms of Agreement ensures no unpleasant surprises by clearly defining the terms of every project.
  • Retainer Terms of Agreement allows you to easily cover every important detail of setting up a client retainer relationship.
  • Invoice Template will allow you to invoice professionally — and possibly help you get paid several days earlier with every project!

6 Powerful Copy Roadmaps

  • Creative Brief will give you unique insights for understanding your clients’ prospects and help you write more controls.
  • Project Time Frames Reference Sheet will let you guide your client’s expectations and help you deliver copy for every project on time.
  • Testimonial Request and Approval Templates will help you gather effective testimonials that express customer satisfaction with your client’s products or services, and help you get approval to use the testimonials as strong proof in the marketing materials you write.
  • Content Map Template sets you apart as a professional web copywriter by ensuring clear communication of where your copy should appear on your client’s web page.
  • Copywriting Quality Checklist prevents potentially embarrassing mistakes in your copy from ever making their way in front of your clients.
  • Copy Delivery Email Template helps your client understand how to best use your copy — and improves the odds your copy will be accepted as delivered.

Plus, 4 Bonus Marketing Templates

  • Inquiry Reply Template to help you respond professionally to new inquiries so you have the best shot at winning their business.
  • Prospecting Email Template makes self-marketing easy by giving you an effective way to show why your prospect will want to become your client.
  • Website Home Page Checklist ensures every important detail needed to impress future clients is found on your website’s home page.
  • Referral Request Template improves your odds of winning new clients in addition to repeat business from your happy client.

Each one has been distilled from years of copywriting best practices. And, instead of needing hours to build a single document from scratch, the Word and PDF files included let you do a quick customization (we’re talking MINUTES ONLY) to create professional forms for your business.

So whether you need a new Project Proposal, polished invoice template, Creative Brief, or even a standard response to new client inquiries, you’ll find it ready and waiting in our new Essential Templates program.

Get access now by ordering today.

Your Turnkey System for Copywriting Business Success

Katie Yeakle

Hi. Katie Yeakle here.

As Executive Director at AWAI, my priority is ensuring you have every tool you need to live the writer’s life.

That’s why we’ve distilled years of copywriting business excellence into a set of ready-to-use templates. Every detail from starting a new project through copy delivery is included. Nothing is left out.

Yes, these templates save time.

They streamline your business processes.

And, they add structure to your day-to-day operations.

But most importantly, they ensure your daily client interactions reflect positively on you as a professional copywriter.

Use them and you’ll never be at a loss for the right questions to ask. You won’t hesitate indecisively over project terms. And you’ll be sure to take the right steps to help secure your next project.

In short, these Essential Templates let you automate your business communications so you can focus on writing great copy and earning more money.

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