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The Ecom Profit Masterclass is a six week online video training and direct mentorship program that teaches you every single step needed to create and grow a massively profitable Shopify ecommerce business.

On top of world class training videos, Masterclass Members get direct access to Laz Chavez and Richard Telf as mentors. This combination of coaching and training videos has resulted in over 100+ student success stories and makes the Ecom Profit Masterclass the most unique, fully featured Shopify and Google Ads training program on the market today.
Week 1: Shopify Setup
  • Setting up your online store and designed for a TOTAL beginner
  • ​How to set up the back end of your online store step by step without any coding involved whatsoever
  • ​Getting a domain and setting up email forwarding
  • ​How to set up your legal pages without any lawyers involved
  • ​Installing our high converting, proven to sell theme
  • ​Creating a logo and customizing your theme without any designer experience
Week 2: Zero-Risk Products
  •  How to use the research tools I use to find winning products that will sell and make us money
  • ​How to offer hundreds of different products WITHOUT ever spending a dollar on inventory
  • ​How to find suppliers who have the products for a cheap price
  • ​How to import these products into your store with just one click
  • ​Editing product titles, description templates, and images to look extremely legit
Week 3: Apps & Order Fulfillment 
  • ​The exact apps to ensure your online store is a success
  • ​Setting up simple, yet very effective apps that will 2-4x sales and make your life much easier
  • ​How to place orders with your supplier with just one click
  • ​How to send tracking information to your customers with just one click
Week 4: Google Setup
  • Step by step Google Adwords and Merchant Center account setup
  • ​Getting familiar with the Adwords platform
  • ​How to easily set up conversion tracking so that you know your ROI
Week 5: Google Ads Setup & Optimization
  • Never made a Google ad before… no problem, we build them step by step in front of you
  • ​SUPER Cheap $20 per day Google Ads is all it takes to make this work
  • ​How to setup your first Google Shopping campaign to test products automatically
  • ​Our exact blueprint to turn tiny stores into 7 figure businesses
Week 6: Search & International Expansion
  • How to set up the most profitable search campaign ever… that will get you conversions for $1
  • ​How to leverage Google Shopping data with search campaigns
  • ​How to scale your business internationally with Google Shopping made easy
How did we get here? In retrospect, it was simple. We set out to re-learn what we thought we knew. We invested in the top programs and masterminds. We networked with everyone who would talk to us. We went all in – and we finally had our breakthrough moment.
Fast forward to today and our lives have completely changed thanks to ecommerce!
  • $2,000,000+ in Sales in Under A Month
  • ​More Than 200,000 Sales Generated
  • ​Mentored 100+ Students to Highly Profitable Businesses
  • ​Featured Speakers At Multiple Ecom Events
Laz and Richard are ecommerce experts and spontaneous travelers. On top of running numerous successful stores, they mentor and coach countless students using the same strategies they teach here in the Masterclass. Over the past three years, Laz and Richard have started two multi-million dollar businesses.

Who Are Laz Chavez & Richard Telfeja?

The course is created by Laz Chavez and Richard Telfeja, two friends who run digital eCommerce businesses together. They started in college, claiming to have built highly successful eCommerce businesses. They claim to have made over $2 million dollars in sales.

Laz Chavez got his start In college, where he claims to have studied engineering at Cornell, when he dropped out to pursue eCommerce. Richard Telfeja was partnered with Frank Hatchett when the course was released, but since then their partnership has dissolved due to unknown reasons.

Ecom Profit Masterclass Pricing

The course comes at the cheap price of $1995. The course has undergone multiple price increases. It first debuted at $995, back when Frank Hatchett was still part of the course. After Hatchett’s departure, it increased to $1495, where it stood there for a while. Now, after another increase, the course clocks in at almost two grand.

For whatever reason, however, the checkout page is only charging $500. This could be either a bug, or a very clever trick they’re using to make you think that they’re charging $2k, but it’s bugged and only charging you $500. Either way, the sales page and the checkout page run two different prices.

Ecom Profit Masterclass Quality

The production quality of the course is quite good. The intro and outro are professional, while it also has very clear audio quality. A lot of the course is screen recorded, so there’s not much variance on the video quality.

Additionally, the Shopify theme that they give you that “made them two million dollars” isn’t any different than one you can buy for $50 online.Other than that, if the personal consulting by Telfeja is anything like the course, don’t expect much from it.

Who Is Ecom Profit Masterclass Best For?

This course is only best for anyone who struggles immensely with technology and navigating through Shopify or Google. If you have the slightest experience with the internet and technology, this course isn’t for you.

The course spends a lot of time holding your hand through various walkthroughs. For anyone looking for advanced strategies to teach you selling and optimization, this course is not for you. it skips over a lot of advanced strategies, but charges you as if they didn’t.

If you have any experience at all, this course is not for you.

Does Ecom Profit Masterclass Deliver?

This course teaches you how to” create and grow a massively successful e-commerce business”. This could not be farther from the truth. What Telfeja has taught you is essentially just how to set up a store. Telfeja only briefly touches upon selling and optimizing your store.

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