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Learn the Proven Methods I Used to Go From $0 to $578,359 in Just 16 Days… ????

???? Here’s a Sneak Peak of Everything You’ll Learn ????

  • ​How to find 5 and 6-figure products with 7 of my favorite research methods
  • ​How to create your own winning product designs that sell like hot cakes
  • ​How to use my favorite fulfillment provider (that not many people know about)
  • ​How to build a Shopify store that converts above 5%
  • ​How to create a niche Facebook page that will attract your target buyers
  • ​How to understand the Facebook algorithm, auction, pixels, and a few trade secrets I haven’t seen taught anywhere else
  • ​How to test new products on a low budget using my favorite testing methods
  • ​How to create Facebook ads, like campaigns, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting ads in easy to follow over-the-shoulder video
  • ​How to think about Facebook targeting, so that you can make informed decisions and get your ads in front of people that want to buy what you’re selling
  • ​How to incubate a new pixel so that it gathers conversion data quickly and saves you money
  • ​How to scale your Facebook ad campaigns to $92,000/day
  • ​Includes multiple CASE STUDY videos where I show you EVERYTHING, including my winning product, landing pages, ad copies, and more

As an Ecom Profit Formula Student, You’ll Get Access to All These Goodies Too:

  • 70 videos, 10 hours of content, and free updates on any important changes ($1995)
  • ​​Get a FULL PRODUCT REVEAL of the product I scaled to $578,359 in just 16 days (valued at $2995)
  • Get a​ live scaling video on a day I did over $30,000 in revenue (valued at $995)
  • ​​Get lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Group (valued at $495)
  • Get a free subscription to the “Campaign Envy” newsletter where we interview top sellers and tease out their secrets on a weekly basis (valued at $495)

This Course Can Work for Anybody, Especially If…

  • You’re brand-new to ecommerce, print-on-demand, or Facebook Ads
  • ​You’re an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur looking to take things to the next level with advanced ad strategies
  • ​You don’t have very much money to start with
  • ​You’re looking for a comprehensive course with real examples and case studies from someone that walks the talk, and doesn’t make a living from just selling courses

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… if you buy TODAY I’ll also throw in an EXTRA BONUS.
You’ll get to see a SECOND WINNING PRODUCT that has never been revealed anywhere else but in this course.
This product did 6-figures in record time, and over $33k on a SINGLE DAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many videos are in your course? How long is it?

There are over 70 videos, with 10+ hours of content.
What is the structure of the course?

The course is broken up into sections, and each section covers a topic in depth. For example, there’s a section on nothing but finding and creating 6-figure products, there’s another section on creating a Shopify Store that converts, and there’s another section on the testing methods I use for my Facebook Ad Campaigns. I find that breaking things up into sections allows it to be digested easier by my students.
What makes your course different than all the other courses out there?

Unlike most courses, I don’t just TEACH you the subject. I SHOW YOU HOW I ran a successful ecommerce campaign using MY Facebook Ads. I show you how to create ads, my strategies, tactics, ad copy, landing pages, scaling methods, etc. In addition, I do a complete product reveal of my winning products… something I’ve never seen another top seller in the POD space do.
Will this work if I want to dropship instead of doing print on demand?

YES! Everything I teach in the course applies to dropshipping and print on demand. In fact, I use these very same tactics when I’m selling dropship products.
Do you offer private coaching?

No, I simply do not have the time. However, as part of the course you’ll get lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook Group with other course members.

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