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Boasting Books Master Course

And How You Can Duplicate It Exactly

Thanks for picking up Book Boasting! I know with that awesome resource, you’ll finally achieve success selling your book.

But we want to take it further. 

We need to take it further!

I want you to be able to reduce your working load while increasing your income, giving you the ability to earn an extra 200, 500 or 1000 dollars a month from your books – or potentially even quitting your job and doing this full time.

The key is doing it reliably – not just having a 500 dollar month, then having nothing at all for a few months.

We want consistent, reliable income from our book sales so you can start building a more stable, fulfilling life for yourself!

Would You Like An Extra $200, $500 or More From Just a Few Hours a Week Writing?

Imagine being able to write a few hours a week and turn that writing into an extra car payment, house payment or more each month.

You build a book, send it out to Amazon and it starts selling on autopilot. 

I know how to make that happen and I want to walk you through that process. It’s simple, cheap and easy to set up.

The Secret to Consistent, Automated Income Each Month Can Be Broken Down Into 3 Steps

Step 1. Creating Hot Selling Books FAST – Within a Few Hours

Step 2. Building A Consistent Buying Audience Readership

Step 3. Automating the Process For Free or Cheap

I do these things every single month in my business and I know for a fact it works. 

Imagine having an engine – you put some “gas” in this engine and it continues to run, pumping out “work” that  you can use.

It happens automatically. You put an hour or two into the engine and out comes money.

I’m going to show you exactly how!

Introducing Book Boasting Master Course

How You Can Build A Publishing Engine That Builds Your Income On Autopilot!

I’m excited to walk you through these powerful techniques in one of my most expansive courses I’ve made covering build building, marketing, and automation.

I give you the strategy and the tactics necessary to build your publishing business from top to bottom. 

Inside Book Boasting Master Course, You’ll Discover:

  • The #1 Resource I Use To Automate Nearly Everything I Need
  • How To Write a Book In An  Hour or Two
  • The Exact Strategy Sarabeth Uses To Make an Extra 500 Bucks a Month Without Working Hours Upon Hours
  • Type a Message, Press a Button, Watch Your Book SELL!
  • Strategy, Tactics AND Step by Step Instructions on Setting Up The Tech Parts
  • How to Utilize Book Boasting in Your Publishing Business, Alongside Three Other Powerful Resources
  • How 5 Dollars Can Turn Into 50 Easily
  • Work Less, Write Less, Make More
  • Write a Few Hours a Week From Home While Making An Extra Car Payment or Two From Your Publishing
  • Sarabeths Full Case Study
  • And More!

This Powerful Course Includes:

  • 7 Step by Step Strategy Videos
  • 5 Checklists, and 5 PDF Strategy Guides
  • Case Studies and Author Interviews
  • 21 “Over the Shoulder” Tech Set Up Videos
  • 4 Resources To Use That Automate Your Publishing Business
  • Copy and Paste Templates To Help Get You Started
  • 2 Advanced Writing Videos – Including How to Write 10,000 Words in 4 Hours.

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