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.You have a dream.

We all do.

But yours is different.

Because that dream is a part of you and if you could just get it out there it would change everything…

Not just for you but for the people who benefit from your creativity…

That’s what makes your dream special.

The fact it can change lives.

Or it could if you only knew how to get over the fear and the hesitation.

The nights spent wondering if it’s good enough.

If anyone will ever read your words or learn from your ideas.

The ‘Who Me?’

Yes you.

You with the dream that you can now turn into reality…

And change the world if you want to.

Because there is finally a way to push past all your confusion…

Your excuses…

And get that dream out there where it belongs…

A bestseller.

In just one day.


Hell, no.

Not for you.

Not now you’re here.

Because I have done this many times.

138 times, to be exact.

I have taught many people to do it many times.

Thousands of people.

I can teach you too because you have what it takes.

A dream.

The fire burning inside you.

The one we’re going to ignite together so you blaze as brightly as you should.

A star in your field.

One that shines out for others to see and to follow.

And if you think this is all fairy dust, think again.

This stuff is proven.

Spellbindingly simple.

And it works.

Just like magic.

Except with this, your dreams really do come true.

Money loves speed

Ever hear that one?

Turns out people do too

Think about all those half-finished projects you have sitting on your hard drive

Those ideas still simmering in your mind

Thing is, they’ve been simmering for so long they’ve gone off the boil and so have you

So you never get them out there

Know why?


Fear that they won’t be good enough

Or even perfect

That everyone will laugh at you

That you’ll fail

Am I being brutal here?

You bet

You see, I’m sick of watching people like you…

Good people with great ideas…

Watch everyone else push past you while you wait for the right moment.

Let me tell you here and now – the right moment never comes.

Right now is as good as it gets.

Which means it’s good enough.

And so are you.

All you need is that gentle push to get you from where you are now on that fence…

To up there on the podium as a bestselling author or course creator or even the brains behind an entire movement.

The first step to all that kudos and credibility?

Getting started.

Then keeping up the momentum.

Which is why I want you to join me in Bestseller In A Day so you overcome the procrastination and the hesitation once and for all.

Thing is, I understand why you’re still sitting there watching everyone else get their stuff out there

Because I’ve been there too.

Putting myself in a box labelled ‘Could Have Been…’

Until one day I burst out of that box and proved I could do it too.

Did I find some incredible secret motivator?

Stumble across the only gooroo mentor in the world who could finally get me going?


I read an article in a magazine while I was sitting at the hairdresser …

A story about young women making six figures writing books.

Women with glossy locks and even glossier lives…

But the thing was they looked just like me.

Except shinier.

More successful.

I looked in the mirror at my ten dollar haircut and I decided never again.

I went home, snapped open my ancient laptop and bashed out an idea for a book.

It sold three months later for 6 figures at auction.

True story.

You know the best part?

I based that book on a story I stumbled across in a downmarket gossip rag.

It got great reviews everywhere.

I was on my way.

Now I want to help you get on your way too…

The best way I know how – fast.

So you, too, can have a Bestseller In A Day.

Here’s exactly what you get when you join us:

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