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“Jason Mangrum is one of my secret weapons. This guy humbly concocts response-skyrocketing hacks in his sleep. 5X Strategy is not only typical Jason Mangrum brilliance… it’s one of the best online marketing strategies I’ve ever seen. You’d have to work hard at failing to fail with this strategy. It’s that powerful.” -Mark Joyner, The “Godfather of Internet Marketing”, Inventor of the tracking pixel, started the first ebook publishing company, and invented most of the online marketing tactics in common use today. Now serving as founder and CEO of Simpleology.

“This is perfect for anyone who uses email in their marketing. It might make your marketing at LEAST 5X better.” -Joel Comm, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Evangelist, Entrepreneur and Eternal 12-Year Old

“Jason Mangrum shares his secrets with the generosity that characterizes legendary teachers only.” -John Delavera, Internet Marketing Legend

5X Is The ONLY Strategy That Can Send You Hoards Of FREE Visitors To Any Offer You Want And Boost Up To 500% Better Results!

By implementing 5X Strategy you will:

  • Explode your open rates and the number of subscribers who open your emails

  • Skyrocket your engagement with your subscribers due to a stronger bond with them, because you’re only mailing them what they’re interested in!

  • Multiply the virality of your site (i.e. your ‘FREE traffic’) bringing visitors to your offers with NO extra effort on your part (in fact, your subscribers do all the marketing FOR you!)

  • Supercharge your list in a way that empowers you to promote MULTIPLE products at the same time, and see sales coming in every day from several different offers at once!

Get up to 5X the results from EVERY email. Every campaign. Every broadcast!

Have you noticed your response rates just aren’t what they used to be?

Is it getting harder and harder to make sales and commissions from your mailings

Don’t worry. It isn’t the end.

Yes, response rates are dropping like flies all over the internet.

The reason why: Because there are more entrepreneurs like you and me who are growing their subscriber lists and sending out emails to those lists every day!

And as the internet marketing industry thrives… as more people ‘wake up’ to the fact that they don’t have to surrender their lives to a boss… that they can work from home and make money…

Competition For The Inbox Keeps Rising And That Means Your Opens, Clicks And Sales Can Hit Rock Bottom!

Here’s the truth.

Everyone can build a list. It isn’t hard to do, and you don’t have to have any degrees or certifications to do it.

It’s as simple as offering something for free… could be anything… an audio… a video… a discount coupon… a free product… anything. And then exchanging that value for their email address, so you can deliver the value you promised them.

And that’s it. That’s all it takes to build a mailing list.

So since it’s so easy to do, there are TONS of people doing it!

And they’re doing it ALL WRONG…

Bad email practices are the #1 cause of low deliverability, pathetic open rates and conversion numbers so dismal, you’d rather have them locked away in a dungeon basement, never to be spoken of again.

Let me ask you a question…

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