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The $50M Ecommerce Email Marketer

Welcome! I’m Chase Dimond, and I love email marketing.
Don’t you find that people can be a little stingy with information that can make you money?
My philosophy is: There’s more than enough to go around. In my three years of growing a 7-figure email marketing agency, I feel I’ve learned all of the best kept secrets.  My course exposes all of the ways that you can 2x, 5x, or 10x your email revenue using my email marketing tips.

Stop Leaving Money On The Table

I’ve been absolutely hyped about the amount of love my course has been getting from 7 and 8 figure marketers and entrepreneurs.
I don’t really enjoy talking about myself as much as I love talking about you, so here’s what I’d say to you to help you achieve the coveted goal of owning a $50k/month+ figure agency, or a $500k/month+ brand quickly and easily:
Get into email marketing as soon as possible!
This is a growing industry, and there are a lot of things (that people don’t know about yet) that will put your business ahead of others.
If you’re a consultant/freelancer, you will be one of few people that can genuinely help businesses grow from 6 to 7 figures a year, heck even to 8 figures a year.
If you’re a brand owner, you will be one of the few people who will have systems in place to retain customers that you spent your hard-earned money to acquire.
When I began working as an email marketer, the industry was in its infancy. 90% of businesses did not have these systems set up, and the barrier to entry was a lot higher. You used to need a basic knowledge of code/html to get started and make some real money.
Klaviyo has eliminated most of these barriers, and it is now solely up to smart, hungry minds like yours to take advantage of the information I’ve put together.
The bad news is, the market is slowly but surely getting more and more competitive. As more information comes out about how to grow your business with email marketing, more people are going to come up and take the spot that you should be taking.
The reason I gave away so much in this course is because I think it can help a lot of people. I know people that have gone from working at an average day job, to charging $5,000 a month for a retainer (or multiple retainers).

I know people that had serious problems retaining customers, and their business really only existed on Facebook. Once they began to generate email leads, their revenue skyrocketed.

Helping people with email marketing has given the average person a shot at complete freedom. And I want that for you.
It may seem expensive, but 99% of the people enrolled in the course would tell you that it’s underpriced.
With the information in this course, you’ll make your investment back immediately — if you use it correctly.
I believe that this course will help somebody touch your first $1,000 online. I believe that this course will help somebody touch their first $1 million online.
All of the information you need is in this course. How you use it is up to you.

What do you cover in this course?

There are 49 video lessons in total. Throughout the course we cover the following:

  • Klaviyo Account Setup
  • Email Collection via Signup Forms (3 Different Types)
  • Core Email Flows (11 Different Flows)
  • Core Email Campaigns (12 Different Campaigns)
  • List Segmentation (Year Round + BFCM Specific)
  • Best Practices + Helpful Tips (such as A/B Testing)
Below is a more in-depth look at each section.
Section 1: Klaviyo Account Setup
– Setup your Klaviyo Account & Integration
– Difference Between Campaigns and Flows
– Flow Naming Convention

Section 2: Email Collection
– How to enable forms on your website + form examples
– How to build a basic email collection form
– How build a high converting email collection form + A/B Testing

Section 3: Core Flows
– 11 Flows in Total
– Welcome Series for Non Buyers + 5 Other Pre Purchase Flows
– Customer Thank You + 4 Other Post Purchase Flows

Section 4: Core Campaigns
– Campaign 1: Best Sellers
– Campaign 2: Free Product w/Purchase
– Campaign 3: Referral
– Plus 9 others

Section 5: Segmentation
– How to segment your list in Quarters 1 – Quarters 3
– How to segment your list during Quarter 4 for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Section 6: Best Practices + Helpful Tips
– A/B Testing for Campaigns & Flows
– Flow Timing Delay Tests
– How to enrich your customer data
– And more!

What’s the course duration?

As mentioned above, there are a total of 49 videos lessons which account for about 4 hours and 30 minutes of video content.
This course is perfect for two groups of people.

First, I believe any ecommerce brand that is currently using email marketing or wanting to start using email marketing, could benefit greatly. This course will help you get started as well as help you scale your email attributable revenue. With my clients, my goal is to have their email marketing channel account for 20% to 30% of their total revenue.

Second, I believe any freelancer or agency that works with ecommerce brands could benefit greatly as well. This course will teach you all the necessary email marketing principles that will allow you to scale your clients email marketing channels. By doing such, this will allow you to retain clients for longer.

What’s the course quality?

The content of the video lessons are really good!

Full transparency: I didn’t spend a ton of time or money on editing the videos themselves but the actual content more than makes up for it. The course was really meant to be a deep dive and over the shoulder look at how to setup and scale your email program. I spend the entire time screensharing and showing you what to do while talking through it vs. it just being a video of me talking.

The videos are similar in audio/video quality as the ones I share on my YouTube channel. Like this one for example.

What’s your background?

I run a 7 figure ecommerce email marketing agency (now apart of a larger ecommerce agency called Structured) serving 7 and 8 figure clients. We’re one of Klaviyo’s top agency partners and we’re extremely well regarded in the Ecommerce industry.

A few of our current and previous clients include: The Chive, IBEX, Original Grain, TUSHY, and Vinyl Me Please. We’ve drove over $50 million (and counting) in email attributable revenue for our clients since June of 2018.

How soon after purchasing the course do I get access and how long will I be able to access the course for?

As soon as you complete your purchase you’ll get immediate access. The course is yours once you buy it. You’ll be able to access it for forever.

Since launching the course, in-addition to the 49 video lessons, I’ve already added 2 additional bonus videos. I’ll be continuing to add additional high quality trainings to the course bonus section as we go and you’ll get access to those as well.

Do you offer any ongoing support for people who buy your course?

Yes I do! Within the course itself, it’s super easy to ask questions and I’ll be able to easily respond right there. You can also see the questions that others have asked and the answers I’ve responded with for each video as well.
I’m also accepting questions via email and I’m fairly quick to reply there as well.

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