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[Super Hot Share] 7 Master Secrets of Wealth Creation for Marketers and Copywriters

A much faster way to become “a serious, big-money copywriter…”
—Gary Halbert

As you’ll see on the DVDs, on the second day, toward the end of the seminar, Gary Halbert took the mike and told the audience how appreciative all in attendance should be for the astonishing amount and quality of the information that had been presented. He said that it amazed and inspired even him.

Later he summed up in an unsolicited written testimonial the impact this seminar could have on your own life—and the speed of your success—in this way…

    “You can get along very nicely by just learning to be an average copywriter. However, if you want to be a serious big-money copywriter, the info given in Gary Bencivenga’s seminar will take 15 to 25 years off your learning curve.”

Indeed, afterward, the seminar was immediately hailed as “historic” … “phenomenal” … “life-changing” … and a host of other superlatives by these very superstars who attended, including Ken McCarthy, Brian Kurtz, John Carlton, Richard Stanton-Jones, Peter Stone, David Deutsch, and other top marketers and copywriters.

Master Secret #1: The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation®— The Never-Before-Published Formula
Based on More Than $1 Billion Worth of Scientific Testing

Just about 40 years ago, I broke into direct marketing working with two Hall of Fame legends, John Caples at BBDO and, later, David Ogilvy at Ogilvy & Mather.

With these two masters as my guiding lights, and others in the decades since, I have never escaped the direct marketing copy department.

Master Secret #2: The “Make-It-Easy” Approach to Breakthrough Marketing

I don’t believe in hard. Nobody sticks with hard very long. I believe that those who’ve achieved incredibly difficult feats, such as Lance Armstrong, have found ways to make the extremely difficult a lot easier. And that separates them from—and allows them to outperform—those who never find ways to make the difficult easier.

Do you ever find marketing and copywriting hard? If so, you’re not alone. Marketing can be a brutally tough way to earn your living, if you don’t know a few simple secrets of how to make it much easier.

Believe me, I know. For roughly the first 10 or 11 years in this business, I found copywriting and marketing not just hard, but agonizingly, tortuously difficult. Sometimes my frustration made me depressed and brought me close to tears.

Master Secret #3: “The Blockbuster New Product” Secret

As you can see, I have tried through my whole career to take what’s difficult about marketing, break it down, and make it a lot easier.

Now, one of the most difficult challenges in marketing, perhaps the hardest but also the most financially rewarding, is launching a successful new product.

Some experts say that, on average, only one out of seven new products succeeds. So the odds are normally overwhelmingly against you. But if you beat those odds, you can experience the marketing equivalent of hitting the lottery.

I have found a way to dramatically increase your odds of success in launching new products that can make you or your company much wealthier.

Master Secret #4: “Wealth Is an Income Stream”

Speaking of building wealth with new products …

What’s the easiest and surest way to get rich in our business, as either a marketer or a copywriter?

Commit these five words to memory:“Wealth is an income stream.”

This applies to both marketers and copywriters. Let me start with marketers.

The smartest marketers I’ve ever worked with—Tom Phillips (Phillips Publishing) … Marty Edelston and Brian Kurtz (Boardroom) … Allie Ash and Walter Pearce (KCI) … among many others—all know and practice this principle. If you’re not applying it yourself to build your wealth, you should write it on your palm with a permanent red-ink marker and read it daily: Wealth is an income stream.

These smart marketers know that you don’t build great wealth by merely creating a great product for a hungry crowd … not even a great product for a hungry crowd and a great piece of copy to sell it.

No, you build great wealth by creating a product for a hungry crowd, plus a built-in way to keep that hungry crowd frozen in place and buying from you again and again whenever they’re hungry. In other words, you want a marketing system that rewards you with substantial income right away, and then—much more important—rewards you repeatedly with an automatic back-end revenue stream.

Master Secret #5: “The Cracker Jack Secret”

Over the last 12 years, this one secret has made more money for my clients and me than anything in all the best advertising books put together. It works for any product or service and is the most potent factor behind the biggest direct marketing creative breakthroughs of the past 50 years, but especially of the last 12 years, as the tsunami of clutter has swamped our prospects’ lives. And it works even better online.

Master Secret #6:
“How to Be a Master Closer”

On Wall Street … or on Madison Avenue … or in direct marketing circles, if you know how to sell, and especially how to close, you are golden.

In good times, when companies are flush, you will be showered with money, perks, and trinkets. In some Wall Street firms, for example, year-end bonuses for top salespeople run into the tens of millions of dollars.

In hard times, if you know how to sell, when layoffs force others to hit the cold pavement, you will be coddled and protected—because you have the most highly prized skill in the business universe, the ability to sell, to generate cash flow, the lifeblood of any business.

Among all salespeople, no one is held in higher esteem than the stars known as closers. Calling you a “closer” is the highest accolade your admiring colleagues can pay you. It means that no matter what your prospects may throw at you in a presentation, you know how to roll with the punches and bring home the order a high percentage of the time. When stakes are highest and a company must win an account, they send in their star closer.

Master Secret #7: “The Manifestation Secret”

This is the final and most important part of the entire DVD course. That’s because there are certain secrets that greatly empower your success in all walks of life, including marketing. Chief among these is the ability to manifest your desires.

Everything in the universe is governed by laws, and this is true of how to harness your own mind to manifest almost whatever you want, including outrageous success in your marketing and copywriting.

This is so important because every great achievement in life—whether a magnificent bridge, a towering skyscraper, the attainment of your own financial independence, or the launch of a blockbuster product—all have one thing in common. They all begin in the mind.

When you fully understand this, and how to harness your mind’s phenomenal power to manifest your dreams, your life will change in positive ways you cannot even imagine.

For one, you will realize that you possess a power similar to that of the pilot who sits comfortably at the controls of a mighty jet airplane. Once you know how to “use your controls” in smarter, effortless ways, you can experience a whole new level of propulsion to get wherever you want to go in life.

I’ve lived a blessed life. I’ve worked with many clients who’ve remained my business partners and friends for decades, and we’ve spawned tremendously successful businesses. My clients, my family members, and my friends have sometimes commented on how “lucky” I seem to be, how often circumstances seem to break my way to make our joint ventures successful. Some even consider me their lucky charm.

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