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How 6 Figure Promotions Will Transform You…


  • No high ROI skills
  • Making baby money
  • Low converting copy
  • Don’t know how to get clients
  • Struggling to convert cold traffic


  • Possess the #1 skill: direct-response copywriting
  • Know how to write copy that sells just about anything (at scale)
  • Write high converting copy that pulls in BIG $$$s (for yourself or clients!)
  • Convert cold traffic with ease (by executing like a 8-figure marketer)
  • Crack the code to getting clients to pay you for your copywriting services.

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What You Get:

  • Discover the battle tested “Copy-Conception” system that a 8-figure marketer programmed into my brain (this is the easiest and fastest way to write copy that actually converts!)
  • Learn how to use Copy Conception to sell anything at scale (forget everything you know about copywriting and follow this step-by-step system and you’ll make money hand over fist)
  • Follow along and create your own high converting promotion from scratch
  • Watch me build a LIVE 6-figure promotion
  • Bonus #1: 2 six figure promotions I wrote
  • Bonus #2: 100 quick hacks to make your copy convert
  • Bonus #3: 6 Figure Promotions Cheat Sheet
  • Plus get Client Conversion Secrets for FREE and steal my scripts, templates, and campaigns to get your first copywriting client (everything is done for you! Simply copy/paste & you’ll get clients)

So, why am I sharing it with you?

Because of one simple fact.

Which, in all honesty, may be difficult to hear:

FACT: Most copywriters do NOT make enough money with their copy to live off — let alone achieve financial freedom.

Instead of using the skill of copy to live a life of adventure and freedom, they’re forced to live inside a box. Color between the lines. Push down thoughts of adventure and trade them for safety — because they can’t use their copy skill-set to generate BIG bucks.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is?

In my humble opinion, it’s because they have no foundation to stand on.

You see, when a book or any other copywriting resource is used to master direct response copywriting, it exposes your brain to certain principles and tactics, but it does NOT, I repeat, it does NOT teach you a proven system for writing winning promotions.

Like a bandage, it covers your surface level pains.

But does nothing to address the deep rooted issues at play which are preventing you from becoming a copywriting killer.

Unfortunately THAT is why so many copywriters have no clue how to turn words into consistent dollars today.

Heck, some copywriters even tell me they’ve been “learning” and “studying” copy for years, and still don’t know how to generate consistent results!

Can you imagine how painful that is?

Investing day after day, hour after hour, and STILL not being able to crack the code to writing high-converting promotions?

This is the daily struggle of far too many copywriters.

And that’s why I want to share Copy-Conception with you.

Because truth is, the SECRET behind cracking the code to writing high-converting promotions has been and will always be a tried and trued system.

A system that is already being secretly used by the world’s richest and savviest direct-response marketers.

So how exactly Copy-Conception work?

The Copy Conception System Works Because It Follows A Specific “Psychological” Sequence Of Steps That Are Practically Guaranteed To Convert Traffic Into Sales…

Let’s take a look at each below:

Step #1: Moving Into Your Customer’s Head

One of the greatest myths struggling copywriters believe is high-converting copy is written.

Truth is, high-converting copy is assembled, not written.

In fact… you could have the writing skills of a 13-year-old, but if you know exactly what to assemble and how, you can easily and quickly put together a high-converting promotion.

That’s why Step #1 shows you exactly how to collect these teeeny tiiny timbits of *insight* which lead us to step #2…

Step #2: Turning Dirt Into Gold

Insight without application is worthless.

So, how do you apply what you learn in Step #1 to put together the building blocks of a high converting promotion?


By turning dirt into gold.

Now, there are 7 key factors that go into every SINGLE winning promotion.

Most copywriters only use 2 of these.

And don’t even know the other 5 exists…

Once you discover all 7 key factors, you’ll have the foundation to your winning promotion “assembled” and ready to “put-together” which is covered in the next step…

Step #3: Giving Birth To A Larger Than Life Marketing Message

Say goodbye to writers block.

Or thinking about what to write.

Simply follow the step-by-step process in this last step and you’ll have the perfect headline, lead and body.

One that gets people to consume every word of your copy…

Or skim straight to the end so they can click “Add To Cart”.

As you can see… Copy-Conception breaks everything down to a science and logical process that literally ANYBODY can follow to write winning promotions.

Unfortunately, not only have these 3 steps NEVER been revealed to the general public before, but most copywriters don’t even know they exist.

Instead of following this tried and trued system…

You find copywriters “winging it”…

Writing what sounds good to them…

Working when “inspiration” strikes…

As you can see, this is a recipe for failure.

That’s why I feel a personal responsibility to expose the copy-conception system.

I’ve spent the last 4 years working hand-in-hand with a 8-figure Direct Response marketer and copywriter who has perfected the copy-conception system for his own use.

And taught me everything he knows.

Better still, I’ve used what I learned to write high converting promotions for practically everything and anything, including:

  • Supplements
  • Info-products
  • SAAS companies
  • Personal Brands
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Copywriting services
  • eCOM brands
  • Affiliates
  • Digital agencies

… and many more.

“6 Figure Promotions”

6 Figure Promotions is a direct-response course that reveals the 3-step “Copy-Conception” system (the one I “ethically” stole from a 8-figure marketer and personally use myself) for “inventing” 6-7 figure copywriting promotions from scratch.

It takes you by the hand and teaches you the exact structure that goes into writing winning promotions, plus a lot more including:

  • How to get inside your targets head quickly and easily (so you can figure out exactly what he or she will spend BIG money on!)
  • The #1 mistake 99% of copywriters make (and the easy fix that can DOUBLE your conversion rate!)
  • How to sell product to a saturated market (follow this step-by-step if you want to generate a BIG win!)
  • The 7 elements of a 6 figure promotion (and the step-by-step process you can follow to create each one!)
  • How to make $1m in 2020 (put your copywriting to use and make this happen in the next 12 months!)
  • How to write irresistible leads and headlines (no more guessing or contemplating — just follow the system and you’re virtually guaranteed to “write” a winning promotion!)
  • … and so MUCH more, including a breakdown of the “Copy-Conception” system and exactly how you can apply it to dropshipping, affiliate marketing, personal branding, or whatever business model you’re in!

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