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That’s a chunk of missing traffic!

And missing traffic means missing sales.

Then I stumbled on a free method I could tap into to put the MOST AMAZING images in my posts – without it costing me a penny and without taking hardly any time at all. In fact, you don’t even have to do any photo editing to make this method work for you!

I designed a very simple strategy for using this image trick in Amazon Associate posts (although you could do the same with other physical product affiliate networks).

Being able to add these kinds of images to my posts has allowed me to tackle keywords I never would have tackled before.

I want you to be able to add this method to your own sites, too!

Get clicks on your affiliate links by building this stunning type of post on your own site without have to spend a penny for relevant, quality, visually appealing images for your specific topic!

This ebook walks you through how to create a type of post you can put on your own affiliate marketing sites targeting all those kinds of keywords I listed above.

You’ll learn how to find a topic or keyword to target, how to find thousands and thousands of images you can legally put into your posts that will show exactly what you want to show in your post.

You’ll get my step-by-step template for creating the written content for your post.

You’ll see how to best format the post to get strong on-page SEO so you can rank well in Google.

You’ll see how to share your post on Pinterest for even more traffic.

And you’ll also get bonuses that will help you with Christmas and Halloween keywords and posts!

30 page, step-by-step PinPower Post main book (the process is THAT easy!)
A list of over 530 keywords to get you started
The fastest way to find more keyword ideas
Easy to follow writing template to help you create your post as quick as possible
How to easily find plenty of free, stunning images to put in your post that will exactly match your post topic
How to get those images into your post
The HTML you should use to show the Amazon products in your post to reduce the number of affiliate links in your post and increase the on-page SEO of your post
How to set up your post to get more traffic from Pinterest (and to build your Pinterest followers without trying)
Growth strategies for making the most of this post type
BONUS! Over 600 Christmas related keywords that will work with this method
BONUS! Extra strategy tips for using this method with Halloween costume keywords
BONUS! Pinterest profile set up guide if you don’t already have a Pinterest profile

Buy today and let me help you overcome any obstacles that have been standing in your way of becoming a succesful affiliate marketer!

I have over eight years of experience as a full time affiliate marketer and have designed this course to help you avoid the pitfalls I’ve run into along the way.

I’ve coached nearly a thousand students in that time and have an excellent reputation on both WarriorForum and WarriorPlus.

I enjoy helping people see the same success I’ve had and believe you’ll find this ebook the most easy to follow, detailed blueprint you’ll find for making money as an affiliate marketer on Pinterest.


Do I have to build a new website?

No! You can use this method on an existing affiliate marketing website you own.

When will I make my first sale?

Probably the most asked question! I wish I could say you’d make your first sale in a matter of days but that’s likely not going to be the case. Most make their first sale in the 2nd or 3rd month of following the steps in this strategy. This is because your first few weeks are spent getting all the pieces in place so that you CAN make that sale.

While sales can happen very quickly with this method, a lot depends on how quickly you follow the steps and how well you follow instructions.

How much time will this take me?

I can create one of these posts in under 30 minutes.

Do I have to live in the US to make this work?

No, you do not have to live in the US to make this work.

I live in a US state with a sales tax law that makes many affiliate programs unavailable to me. Can I still use this strategy?

Yes!! Amazon allows most states in their affiliate program but this can work with any physical product affiliate network.

Are there any other expenses outside of the cost for the ebook?

No – I’ve even included a link to a free guide on building a free Blogger blog where you can use this method.

I’ve never used Pinterest before – is that going to be a problem?

Not at all! Pinterest can help you get more traffic to your post but other than having an account with them you won’t need to spend a lot of time on Pinterest.

What if I have questions while working through the steps?

My contact information is inside the ebook. Just email me with your proof of purchase and I’ll answer any questions you may have!


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