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Another Insanely Underpriced Online Profiting Goodie
by Barb Ling and Dennis Becker

Struggling to Make Your First Sale Online?

Learn How To Start Profiting From ALL The Products You’ve Ever Bought… Discover How To Make Them Grow Today!

Money likes Speed!

And our goal for YOU is simple – we want to get YOU up to speed ASAP.

Perhaps even sooner…
especially when it comes to you profiting online… (even preparing the foundation so you can start TODAY).

The plain facts are, online profiting can be baffling indeed, especially if you’re just starting out.

It’s Taking Advantage of “A VERY Special Type of Power Template” (already created and filled in for you)!

That very special type of Power Template?

It’s HUGELY versatile.

In a nutshell (perhaps pecan):

PT* is THE Swiss Army Knife of Versatile Content Marketing.

Let’s take a look at it, aye?

First, this template began life as a knowledgeable, very successful richly educational post on a forum (authored by Barb Ling)

Then it was repurposed into THIS product template to include:

Additional beginners online profiting tutorials

Extras to make it insanely useful for those who want to add their own voice like:

— Where to find FREE images

— Multiple ways to Make Money via Blogging

— How to Create a Powerfully Effective Lead Magnet


And this goodie serves you because….

And this filled-in Power Template about Beginners Profiting Online… well, it’s waiting for *YOU*!

You’ll *instantly benefit* from discovering power online profiting resources….

(Resources YOU yourself can use!)

And it does all that for an irresistibly low earlybird price (but it’s dimesale and rising with each purchase)!

So you have all the right elements – this filled-in Power Template:

Works for Challenges! It contains 3 steps you can use to structure YOUR personal challenge

Works for eClasses! Take those 3 steps and add them to an autoresponder to deliver those lessons

Works for Social Media Posts! The filled-in template comes in both text AND html – it will look great on your FB page, as a LinkedIn fresh post, used as a Twitter Story…. so many options!

It’s FAST to put into use! You can copy/paste it (and claim ownership!) on any account you own

Offers an invaluable solution! Quick, simple, only 1 post to read that showcases YOUR knowledge… (and you can monetize it with your affiliate links!)

So now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Jeepers self, how can I best use it *now*?”

So glad you asked! Let’s review:

Here’s How To Use It To Profit Fast!

You can use this power template like so:

3 Day/1 Week CHALLENGE – challenges are big stuff these days, and this topic: The FIRST brave step for Online Profiting – well, it lends itself to beginners who are afraid to start! You can spread each of the 3 points across the full week, and close on the 7th day with your call to action.

3 Day/1 Week ECLASS – take the 3 steps the Challenge post provides, and include them as daily/every other day lessons. Close the 7th day with your call to action!

Blog Post – add the filled-in template to your blog to build up your authority

Social Media Post – get known as THE online profiting expert!

Facebook, Instagram, Make a Video About It – and ensure all visitors are driven BACK to your money pages!

The above are just a few ways of claiming this content as your own (you can monetize it as you see fit!)…

… and then share it over at:

  • Your blog
  • Your social media postings
  • Forums
  • More!

Doing this consistently starts to build up your Online Profiting credibility and authority…

… and when people see YOU as the knowledgeable person in Online Profiting, who do you think they’ll buy from?

YES!Joe or Jane Earlobe down the street…

… or YOU, the individual who has demonstrated authority know-how about it all?


So…. Wouldn’t it be great if you had just one Infinitely Versatile Done For You Template that includes:

  • An engaging introduction (draws in the reader)
  • A direct link to an authority Online Profiting resource (complete with a reader call-to-action: “Be sure to return when finished reading for even more goodness!”)
  • A simple 3 step Challenge outline for earning from this post


  • sturdy, customizable Takeaway (so the readers know their next steps)!

Doesn’t that sound grand?

Throw in personal usage rights, and direct links to found-for-you FREE Online Profiting images you can use in your challenge…

… the filled-in template in text format….

… the filled-in template in html format….

Imagine how much time you’ll save that you could dedicate to things that give you pleasure!

(and you know, for all that above… $32 would be a very reasonable investment to ask, just sayin’….)

But we’re not going to ask that.

See, there’s one other opportunity here… in other words…


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