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Introducing the:
“Making Glorious Profitable Newsletters!”
One-Two-Three Cheatsheet!

Clocking in at only 3 easy-to-follow steps, you’ll discover:

 Resources for Easily Building Your List from WordPress – in case you’re starting RIGHT from the beginning

 Why you NEED an Autoresponder – and why paid is superior to free (the answer will surprise you!)

 How to Commit to Mailing Once a Day (at least!) – the one simple mindset that will make you CONFIDENT to mail your list!

 Why Unsubscribes are Good – did you know you’re paying for leads even IF they unsubscribe?

 Easy Newsletter Naming Tips – so you can stand out right from the getgo!

 The BEST Newsletter Templates – use these resources for inspiration!

 How To Create A Must-Open eMail Subject – free tools waiting for you!

Not only that, but at the end….

… we even include this super:

 Bonus Tip – Instead of Mailing A Newsletter… – get 3x or more the benefits by doing THIS instead (priceless!)

The funny thing is… once you’ve internalized this cheatsheet, you’ll find yourself able to mail your list anytime, about anything!

And that means….

You’ll Be Able To See Your Bottom Line Increase Every Time You Mail!

Being Able To Create An Engaging Newsletter is one of the EASIEST Ways To Profit Online Long-term!


But if YOU want to benefit from this knowledge you need to start preparing TODAY.

Like we said, Money Likes Speed and we bet you want to save your time by NOT reading dozens of pages… so we’ve distilled everything down to 3 simple steps.

Remember… this quick “Making Glorious Profitable Newsletters!” One-Two-Three Cheatsheet! is starting out LESS than the cost of a movie night out and is waiting for YOU (but is dimesale and increasing with every sale!).

The Money is In The List!

Or “The bigger your list is, the better your profits!”

Or some stuff like that.


Thing is, once you HAVE that list…

What on earth DO you mail?

Not only that…

How do you get the confidence TO mail your list, let alone more than once a week?

So glad you asked!

As veteran Internet marketers, we mail our respective lists at least once a day…

… and sometimes even more than that.

And the secret to that skill?

Well, before you even GET to that point…

You Need Something TO Mail!

But what if you’re scared to mail?

Even worse..

What if you’re UNcomfortable about making money BY mailing your list and sending affiliate promotions?

There’s a very simple solution to that…

We’ll even tell you what it is!

Start off by simply mailing a newsletter!

It takes off the pressure on you, especially IF you’re afraid to send out affiliate links!

And once you see how easy it is to send out your own personalized newsletter…

… you’ll find yourself wanting to mail your list (and make money!) again and again.

Sounds like a dream, right?

… being comfortable enough not only to build your list but also make money from it?

Well, we’re here to tell you:

It doesn’t have to BE a dream…

It can be YOUR reality… starting TODAY.

Dennis Becker and Barb Ling here and there’s not a minute to lose!

No time for fancy sales pages, no time for full-color graphics and images…

The plain fact is…

Time is Money!

And as Money loves speed, we’re not going to waste your time with extra text and copy…

We’re instead going to tell you what is waiting for you 29 seconds after you decide to download this 1 2 3 power cheatsheet.

In a nutshell…


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