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What results will you see from FIRST STEPS ONLINE?

After completing the FIRST STEPS ONLINE training course, you will:

–> Discover the “Number One” source of online marketers’ income and how to use it to your own advantage.

–> Know how to invest your time to learn new skills, gain experience with those skills, and work with them to build a successful business with a steady income.

–> Start earning income almost immediately by engaging one of the easiest methods of making money on the internet.

–> Learn how to work effectively on the internet, understand the language, and speak the lingo!

–> Grasp the enormous power and potential for income through email marketing and set up your first email campaign in a popular, economical autoresponder program.

–> Navigate through the maze of the internet, dodge the most common pitfalls, and escape the snares of hackers and scammers.

–> Build multiple streams of income across multiple niches by mastering the use of internet tools and protocols.

–> Distinguish between online businesses versus “brick and mortar” businesses and how to tap into the huge market awaiting you on the internet.

–> Be aware of one of the fastest growing online crimes and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

–> Calculate your “Scam Score,” beef up your online security, and guard your most precious asset – your identity!

–> Have the knowledge to create marketing funnels using free reports, videos, e-books, or training courses.

–> And honestly, much more than you expect!

By now you may be asking, “OK, Walt, sounds good, but how much?”

I could easily price this training at $97 or more, but for a short time I’m running it at a special price of $7. Yes, only seven US dollars. I know . . . I know.

Now you’re asking yourself, “What? How good could any course be for seven bucks? That’s one Happy Meal at McDonald’s or one measley lottery ticket which will probably be shredded in my pocket in the laundry? Or probably less money than what fell out of my pockets in the washing machine!

This offer is NOT based on chance like the lottery. It’s based on proven actions and results. Three facts for you…

1) The price is low.

2) I’ve spent months putting this together for you.

3) The training value is off the charts! I guarantee it! 

Get access and begin IMMEDIATELY! Just click below to get started . . .

Okay . . . now . . . please ask yourself this:

Am I ready to kick my existing online business into HIGH GEAR,
or do I want to chase down everything Walter did?

Right off the bat, you’ll see First Steps Online is jam-packed with content . . .

 12 Powerful Training Modules

 16 Instructional, Over-my-shoulder Videos

 20+ Downloadable Resources

All these are accessible in PDF format and in my “Work-With-Walt” Membership!

It will change the way you START your online business. In fact, it will JUMP START your business. And if you are struggling now, it will bring quicker results, faster and more profitably . . . and you can go at your own pace — fast or slow, up to you!

If I were you, right now I’d be asking myself,

“Just who is Walter Nigh, and why should I be interested in anything he has to say?”

Good question! (Sometimes I still ask that myself.) Since he is me, here’s what I have to say . . .

I’ve been a FIRST STEPPER many times during my life as I wandered along the long winding road of careers. (On my recent 61st birthday, I moved the decimal point one place to the left. I think 6.1 sounds more like an upgrade!)

Here’s the short list of the Life of Walt:

• Grew up in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Germany
• Worked at printing companies in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Ohio
• Directed a choir, orchestra, and traveling music ensemble in college
• Became the pastor, caretaker, and snow shoveler of a small church in Idaho
• Established and ran several printing companies in the US and SE Asia
• Wrote and recorded my own music projects and produced other artists
• Constructed and operated a fish hatchery/ farm in northern Thailand
• Avid builder and flyer of remote control airplanes (I have almost 20!)

As the saying goes, “I may be schizophrenic, but I’ll always have each other!”

And . . . every day for the past several years, I’ve been refining and expanding my online business using a variety of methods and strategies. What’s written in “First Steps Online” is not just theory or good ideas – it’s what I’m doing now!

And finally, for those of you still sitting on the fence . . . it must be getting uncomfortable sitting there. Here’s your cushion . . . 

After 30 days, if you are NOT satisfied with the value and content of this training course, I will gladly refund you 100% of your small investment.

No questions asked. ‘Nuff said! 🙂

(Well, I might ask you “Why?” so I can improve First Steps Online in any way.)

Just click below and happily be on your way to success on the internet. Your online business adventure begins here with your first step into First Steps Online!


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